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Friday, 8 November 2013

LBC: How i got interested in Lolita

Starting from the very beginning i don't really remember where, and when i started being interested in lolita fashion.

The first memory i have, was a night, many years ago when i was still living in Brescia and went to a dance club in Milan.
A club where i still used to go a couple of years ago.
There were 2 girls at this club and , at least in the dark, they seemed dressed in gothic lolita, but i was so unaware about lolita that i can't really say.
By the way, i was very excited seeing them, that i still wonder who they were.
At that time there was just the gothic style in lolita, in my imaginary.
So to me it was all like this

It was probably 2007 or 2008.
During the months after that, i googled a bit around about lolita and i found the italian community and registered to the forum, but i never posted nor really looked alot at it.
I was living alone in a city where "fashion" and "different" were blasphemy.
About one year after I moved from fantasy Larp to vampires, and I thought that gothic lolita look would have been great to play a vampire!
And so i got my firs VERY ITA dress from an odd shop that opened in the city i was living in.
Don't laugh to loud please
me as a vampire little girl

The time passed and Lucca Comics and Games 2011 arrived.
We were walking inside the Japan palace and in that precise moment the Lolita Italian Community was hosting a conference about the lolita fashion.

So i stopped to listen for a bit and I found out there was not just the old school gothic lolita, but many other style, that to me looked like something i could have actually weared for everyday or special occasion.
And thn i fell in love.
But still i was (and still i am) such a noob.
That summer i went to London and i found a (crap yeah) lolita shop in camden town and there i got another dress to play vampire
Same character as before
Now I know this dress is a Rose Melody replica
So it all started 'cause of the larp, i needed cool dresses to dress up my character but i ended really loving the fashion and totally changing style.
I started thinking my way was gothic or panku, but now i'm totally classic.
Little by little i did learn about this fashion through the girls I met on the forum community that now are my close friends.

And now the best photos ever:
Me one year later

Lucca 2012
Lucca 2013

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  1. I think your first photos of you in Lolita are very beautiful.

  2. I love the skirt you are wearing in 2012! <3 And, your story is so different then most girls! I love it. LARPing is sooo fun.

    1. Yes larping is very fun! it is now, about 7 years i do larp and i enjoy it more and more! And is a nice opportunity to dress up in unusual way XD