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Thursday 4 June 2015

My first Bodyline jsk

My Birthday came this year too.
I don't own any Bodyline dress, just because they are too sweet style to me, but I could't resist to this one.
On the preview pics it looks really cute.
So my husbad got it as a gift fot my birthday! Yay!

It arrives the day after my birthday, just in time for the safari park i'm going on sunday with my husband and little prince (my baby boy)

I'm surprised, i must admit, cause the quality seems good to me.
But I'm not really an espert about fabric quality and tailoring.

Here some details

I think it looks similar to Innocent World Rose Striped JSK, 

Here a fast outfit i made just for showing you, sorry no tights, no blouse, no accessories and especially no make-up!!

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