Google+ Sidhe banshee: August 2014

Friday, 1 August 2014

Birthday present finally delivered

My birthday has been in June.
And even if i'm married and about to have a baby, my parents still gives me presents (why should they not!? XD) but since years they prefer just give me money so I can buy whatever I want.
And my pick has been a new pair of shoes for lolita.

After 2 months from my birthday (but I actually ordered them less then 1 month ago) they finally arrived, YAY!

Got them from my Taobao shopping service, Loli-loli paradise, you can find her on Facebook.

I, honestly have no clue about the brand name, because she said "random shoes factory" and inside the shoes there is just a written that says LOLITA.

I find them very cute, and this color is a soft pink good for classic style, they are soft and seems to be comfortable, but can't really say until I try them for an outfit (I plan to use them to go to the one to Paris in February/March 2015)

Inside the shoes package there was also a present!