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Thursday, 13 June 2013

What i need in my lolita wardrobe - update

I'm sorry if i'm not posting anything new and interesting, but i'm too busy. we are changing home and all my things are packed up, i can't even find my clothes!
Then a very special event will happen, and then I'll be leaving, with my love, for JAPAN!

I have a few more pieces i still have to post about it, and maybe a review...but really i have no clue when i will have time to do it, maybe at the end of July!

what i already have.

2 white short sleeves blouses OVS
1 black short sleeves blouse Bodyline
1 black cardigan OVS
1 white long petticoat Hell Bunny
1 black sailor style high waist skirt Bodyline
1 Putumayo replica white and black skirt otk OVS
1 black imperial style dress Offbrand
1 White bloomers Bodyline
1 Coat HMHM
1 pair of francesine shoes
1 yellow/baige flowers classic lolita high waist skirt Bodyline
1 Brown Velveteen JSK Surfacespell
1 Chiffon old-rose blouse Kidsyoyo
1 Black Velveteen skirt handmade
1 Short pink petticoat Bodyline
1 Pink short sleeves blouse Bodyline
1 Wood faeries JSK BTSSB
1 Autumn Flower skirt Lady Sloth
1 White Long sleeves blouse 69department
1 Black long sleeves blouse Surfacespell
1 White bell shaped petticoat Classical Puppet
1 Black A line shaped petticoat Classical Puppet
1 Skirt Blooming garden replica by Baby Angel OVS
1 Skirt Cherry Berry replica by Baby Angel OVS
1 Florence Lace jsk baige Innocent world
1 Tartan Check jsk red BTSSB
1 Skirt lace mint Liz Lysa (not so loli i know..but still...!)
1 Beige heels shoes
1 black, shorter cardigan OVS
1 Liliac Cardigan

Incoming items

1 Brown  long/short sleeves blouse
1 Purple long/short sleeves blouse
2 or more parigine socks (otk)
2 ore more colored winter collant
1 brown shoes

Friday, 7 June 2013

Shopping in the city

Milan is a quite big city ( in italy at least) and is the main center for fashion, shopping, social life, and events in general.

I moved to here 3 years ago, but i don't live in the city, just a bit outside.
And in the next weeks i'm gonna move a little bit further away.
The good things about where i live and where i'm going to live is the suburban train, called "passante" that is half suburban and half surface.
This train takes me right in the city and under my office!
My office place is very central, i can get from there to almost every side of the town easly thanks the tube or the passante.

This is the subway map, with tube and trains.
My office is where you can see the violet arrow, and the shopping streets are at the orange arrows.
So it is 1 train stop with the suburban train to Corso Buenos Aires

 And 3 stops with the tube from San Babila/Duomo

This is TRAGIC.
Because when the weather is good, or when i'm in need, I go to shopping instead then eat for the lunch break!

Usually, to be honest, I just go with the suburban train because i have a season ticket, so the trip is sorta "free".

I'm happy to live in the area outside the city and to come to work and shopping here.
Milan is a complicate city to live in, you can love it or hate it.
After moving many times I can say that there would not be another city in Italy where I would like to live.
Just i want to stay outside, because I want the green and the quiet, I want to hear birds singing and not the cars.

-- no one of the pics belong to me --

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

50 questions 50 ways to get to know me - lolita version

1: How did you first get into Lolita?
2: Do you have a favorite Lolita style?
3: What if I told you that you are my Lolita inspiration?
4: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright or Alice and The Pirates?
5: Do have any Lolita meets you plan on attending soon?
6: How many petticoats do you own?
7: First lucky pack, lucky or unlucky?
8: What color were your first pair of tea parties?
9: Did you wear Lolita today?
10: What brand and series is your most comfortable JSK/OP from?
11: Could you go for the rest of your life without wearing Lolita?
12: Do you prefer Wigs, Hair Extensions or your Natural Hair?
13: OTKs or Knee Highs?
14: Do you still own your first Lolita piece?
15: Do you currently have a Dream Dress?
16: Have you ever gotten a dream dress only to be disappointed in it?
17: To what extent has Lolita entered your lifestyle?
18: How many days a week do you wear Lolita?
19: Did your last kiss take place while wearing Lolita?
20: Do you have a favorite print series?
21: Where is your favorite place to buy off-brand items?
22: Bonnets or Headbows?
23: Have you ever been to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright in Paris?
24: From which brand do you own the most items?
25: How does your family react to Lolita?
26: Kuro or Shiro?
27: Look in your closet. Name the first Lolita item you see. Would you ever part with it?
28: What is the last item you bought from a sales comm?
29: Do you own anything from an indie brand?
30: Do you create anything related to Lolita?
31: Has Lolita helped or hindered your love life?
32: Falsies or just mascara?
33: Do you have a color preference when it comes to Lolita?
34: How do you cope with negative views about Lolita?
35: Do you have a favorite brand?
36: Do you enjoy or are you annoyed with the attention that Lolita brings from onlookers?
37: Cotton blouses or cutsew?
38: Lolita really is a beautiful thing, huh?
39: Is there a time were you absolutely won't wear Lolita?
40: What is on your wrists right now?
41: Have you ever worn Lolita in Japan?
42: OPs or JSKs?
43: Have you ever regretted buying Lolita?
44: What's the silliest thing you've done in Lolita?
45: Gothic or Bittersweet?
46: Does Lolita make you genuinely happy?
47: OTT or Simple?
48: Have you ever had a bad experience because you wear Lolita?
49: Have you ever submitted a secret?
50: Do you think you will wear Lolita into old age?

you can also use formspring or ask