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Monday, 29 October 2012

Review: HMHM coat and Loli-Loli paradise shopping service

Couple of days ago, arrived the coat i ordered from Taobao, i was happily surprised to get it after just 15days from shipping and not 30!

Let's start from Loli-Loli Paradise, you can find her on Facebook here.
She has been very helpful, replying to my message quite fast, and being very clear.
The fee is about 10-15% not sure with the change.
She helped me with the measures and has been very patient with all my messages and answers.
Also helped with the customs, it passed for free!
So, on a scale of 5 i would give to her shopping service 5+

HMHM Coat.
I love it!

It is very well done, except maybe the inside that feels like too delicate.

It fit very well and the measures are perfect

It is soft and warm, but prolly not enough for under (or close) zero degrees.

It also came with a cape and the fur is all detachable.
The only bad thing is it has no pocket.

So i would give it 4
But i love it! so it's a 4+

Yeeehhhh :D

What i need in my lolita wardrobe - Update

 what i already have.

2 white short sleeves blouses OVS
1 black short sleeves blouse Bodyline
1 black cardigan OVS
1 white long petticoat Hell Bunny
1 black sailor style high waist skirt Bodyline
1 white and black skirt otk OVS
1 black imperial style dress Offbrand
2 under the knee socks
1 Pair black boots at the knee Bodyline
1 White bloomers Bodyline
2 Colored winter collant (black, purple, brown, gray and black strpe) offbrand
1 Medium petticoat handmade
1 Coat HMHM
3 Parigine socks (otk)
1 pair of francesine shoes

Incoming items
Velveteen JSK Surfacespell

1 white long sleeves blouse
1 black long sleeves blouse
2 or more parigine socks (otk)
2 ore more colored winter collant
2 winter type skirt
1 shorter petticoat
1 pair of boots good for winter

If anybody got any hint for a starter lolita wardrobe what to get and where (cheap!) please, leave a comment :)

Friday, 26 October 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival : Your style outside of Lolita

New topic for the LBC Project (loving it!)

That's a bit odd, because i'm still building my lolita wardrobe and i had not yet a chance to wear a full lolita outfit, but anyway i want to partecipate!
Just took a single new pic for this post, and going to use some old pic i took during the past weeks, because i use to take pic of me after dressing up, not having a full size mirror i have to climb up a chair ..ehehe.
So it is easier to take pic and watch it to check everything is ok ad I can go out.

I'm a very casual girl so i don't even give a name to the style i use, i like gothic and punk and i used to dress like that more when i was younger.
Having to go to the office, thou, pushed me to buy clothes i could wear to job, plus i play LARP and often i buy clothes for my character's costumes.
I don't have enough money for so many different wardrobes! XD

Let's start with my usual office outfits.

During the day when I'm not at job i like to chill out in casual, but always girly.

At night i like a look a little bit more aggressive, and maybe you can see here a little taste of punk and gothic.

As you can see I'm a very normal girl :)
I also like heels, but only when is not really needed to walk!

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I'm so happy to see so many blogs!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Want to do list

Collecting many fancy tight
Collecting many cute hight over the knee socks
Making some rigid and soft hairband
Learn to crocket and make flower brooch
Try to sew a lolita skirt

and more incoming.....?

Monday, 22 October 2012

A Wedding Menu

My wedding is getting closer!
Soon will be june and we had nothing ready...
To gain some ideas and to estimate the price we are going to some wedding convention, where we can look at locations, sugared almond, little presents for our guestes, and everything is needed for a wedding.
Our wedding is going to be very easy and casual and, especially, low budget!

To one of this wedding shows we found a wanderful farm that hosts wedding parties, with food made from their product, and horses and swimming pool and beautiful rooms.
So we stopped to ask some info about that location and got invited to a dinner to taste a wedding menu and visit the farm.

When you get invited to this called "open day" for bride and groom, it is usally for free.
So my bf and me had this fabulous romantic dinner!
And i finally had a chance to wear a dress i love

Now, we still have to visit another location and then we gonna chose where to celebrate our wedding.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival : Favorite Makeup Tips

New topic of the week for the Lolita Blog Carnival project!

Make up is one of the best weapon a girl can use, for many reason :
Look better, feel better, act with more self confidence.
I must say that i only use heavy make up for events: Nights out, meeting, convention, larping, random special event.
But usually, during the week, when i just go to job or gym, i just put some eyeliner and mascara, while i let the skin free to breath.

My tip of the day is:

How to get a smoother looking skin good for photo-shooting

If you had read my blog a little you should know i use to larping about once a month.
When we play, there is often somebody who takes many photo of us, for our forum, group or sometimes even newspapers or blogs.
So it is important to me that my skin looks good because i will not have any power about which pic to publish or about photo editing.
This is how i try to make my skin look better in pics

What i used

  1. Brushes
  2. BB cream
  3. Primer
  4. Concealer
  5. Eyeliner ( i had already applied)
  6. Blush
  7. Bright face powder
I always start washing my face and doing a scrubs.
Then i apply an anti oil tonic and i wait a little bit for it to being absorbed before starting applying the make up.

At this point I start applying, with my finger, the primer, i use a skin tone correction primer (color peach) to give to my skin more luminosity and make it look healthy.
Second step is to apply a pink concealer around my eyes to cover dark circles.

After that i start applying the bb cream, and for that i use the proper brush.
I leave some bb cream dot all over the face and then i blend brushing from the internal to the external of my face.

To make the effect more mat i apply some bright powder all around with the big brush and then i go for details, especially on nose and nostrils, with a smaller brush.

As last step i apply the blush 

All this takes me around 15 or 20 minutes, when i have to take care of eyes, false eyelashes and everything else comes in my mind, I need around 1 hours or more to get ready to go out, for my bf joy (NOT!).
But anyway, when is needed i think it worth it!

I can actually see a difference ( and I can also see I'm not good at cutting my bangs alone!)

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Friday, 19 October 2012

Natural VS Unkempt

This is going, probably, to be another post that will gain hate, but this is my opinion, and i wanna take a position about that, instead of being fake and hypocrite.
I think that having a natural look is totally different then being unkempt, or dirt.
We can get the best from the body we have, the best from what nature gave us, still keeping a natural style.
Pics are randomly gotten from web:

All this is not natural style, it is unkempt.
Dirty hair is unkempt, uncombed hair is unkempt regrown hair of different color is unkempt.
It is true that is the society to force us to shave, or to use heels and so on.
But if you wanna run a fashion blog, if you wanna show cute pics of you in a certain outfit, in any fashion style you like and follow, then you have to take care of every side of it.
So take care of every side of you.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Gothic Lolita Italian Community to Lucca Convention

The convention is getting closer!
It will be from November the 1th to November the 4th.
This year the Italian Lolita Community is hosting many cool events!

Dress up like your favoirite character but in lolita style!

  • lolita comics character
  • lolita games character
  • lolita movies character
  • lolita tv series character
  • lolita manga character

Get a pic to the GLZ (gothic lolita zone) stand, it will get published on the Facebook page and the one who will get more like will win a stamp of her pic.


Come to the beauty saloon and get cute!


Dressup in lolita every season!
GLZ members will show an aoutfit for every season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.


Visit the stand and give a contribution, you could win a dress!

I will go to help with makeup and hair for the fashion show models!
I'm so excited! Hope to get many pics to tell you all about the convention!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Easy Halloween recipes

What can you do when you get a pumpkin from your bf dad's kitchen garden? (i don't even know if this is right to say in!)

My bf and me decided to dedicate our sunday to cook some pumpkin recipe together!
Let's start with the risotto ( i love risotto! )
Ingredients for 2 people:
Half a litre of vegetable stock
200g rice
25g butter
White wine
An onion
150g pumpkin
Greated Parmigiano.
Start cleaning the pumpkin from the seeds, then cut it in little dices.
Chop the onion in very little pieces, put it in a pan with some oil and let it to brown.
At this point add the pumpkin's dices, wait till they get soft then add the rice, mix it all for a few minutes, then add a sprinkle of wine.

Now start adding, little by little, the vegetable stock and let it all cook for about 20 mins (just taste if the rice is soft, and if the stock dry off).
At the very end add the butter and some parmigiano.

And now..Pumpkin cake, a very very easy one!
300g pumpkin
350g white flour 00 type.
3 eggs
100g butter
250g sugar
1 sachet baking powder
Almond essence
1 coffee cup of milk
150g dark chocolate

Cook the pumpkin in the oven till it get very soft.
Blow up the butter with the sugar till it became homogeneus and then add the red part of the eggs little by little (save the white too for later), keep blowing it.
Then, while blowing, add the flour the pumpkin and the almond essence, when it get creamy add the milk, the baking powder and the white part of the eggs that you previously blowed up.
Now put in the oven for 30 minutes to 180 degrees.

When it is ready, melt the dark chocolate with a microwave and pour it on the cake like icing.

And that's all.
Isn't it easy?
if i can do it you can as well, for sure ;)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 prints you would like to see

This is my first lolita blog carnival post yay!
As the title says the topic of the week is about 3 prints you would like to see on lolita dresses.

Lets start saying that i don't really love big and sparkling prints on the dresses, i like a more classic and elegant style, also if i like floreal patterns.
But it would be interesting to see some famous artists paintings used as print.

For exaple one from my favourite painter, Klimt, with all his opulent gold.
I'd really like to see a print with The Tree of Life

Another artist and genius i really admire is Leonardo, and i would love some print with his sketch, like this

It would give to the dress a steampunk look probably.

Last but not least, a Boheme symbol, work of Théophile Alexandre Steinlen, Tournée du Chat Noir

I'm a black cats lover, there are 2 of them living and sleeping with me <3 , and i also got a print of this litography.

Probably those are a bit odd as print to use for a lolita dress but for sure are...different? eheheh

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Ant thats all for now, thank you for reading!