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Friday, 19 October 2012

Natural VS Unkempt

This is going, probably, to be another post that will gain hate, but this is my opinion, and i wanna take a position about that, instead of being fake and hypocrite.
I think that having a natural look is totally different then being unkempt, or dirt.
We can get the best from the body we have, the best from what nature gave us, still keeping a natural style.
Pics are randomly gotten from web:

All this is not natural style, it is unkempt.
Dirty hair is unkempt, uncombed hair is unkempt regrown hair of different color is unkempt.
It is true that is the society to force us to shave, or to use heels and so on.
But if you wanna run a fashion blog, if you wanna show cute pics of you in a certain outfit, in any fashion style you like and follow, then you have to take care of every side of it.
So take care of every side of you.


  1. hi honey. i find this post very saddening. that in our society, being natural is not natural anymore. "natural" doesn't mean "hairless" or "groomed". natural means, well, natural! the way we are born. unkept = natural. i see your point and i agree that to take some extra time to spend on your look is important but i get sad that you see hairy legs as unnatural, since hair is the natural way of the body to keep warm. and hair in armpits, genitals etc is meant to keep the body naturally clean. hair on the eyebrows is meant to save the eyes from water. yeah. whatever. just dont say that natural equals groomed, because that is just the way society wants us to think natural is. be proud of your body. the way it is, naturally.

    1. I respect your opinion, and I agree that is sad that socity decide what is "normal" "good" or "natural". I don't think we are forced to follow those rule, but i think that if you wanna be in the "fashion field" then you are already following this rules, and not shaving is not going to show the best of what you are trying to show. Not shaving, not comb your hair and so on, gives a shabby look.
      And nowday we no longer need our natural hair to keep our body warm.
      I really love my body, this is why i try to eat healthy, I go to the gym and I wax my unwanted hair. (i also try to feed my mind tho!)