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Thursday, 12 December 2013

International lolita day - Vintage winter teaparty

It was just a perfect coincidence.
One of my good friends had this connection with a vintage shop, and the owner of the shop, called Santantonino 34 Vintage, in Piacenza city invited us to a tea-party at her.

this pic doesn't belong to me

They organized everything, with sweets and tea and drinks, and the place was just so cute and romantic, there were beautiful vintage clothes, and very affordable.

This pic belongs to Martina Sybelle Peloponesi

This pic belongs to Martina Sybelle Peloponesi

It was a pleasent afternoon for me and my friends, very long time since we last were all together like this, just chatting and relaxing.

We also were the biggest attraction for the customers, they were roamining into the shop wathing clothes and watching us just sitting on the sofà and looking pretty.

And here , my outfit and hair


Not so fotogenic eh? :P

Special thanks to Martina Sybelle Photography

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Kawaii Gazette! Partecipa al giveaway!

Sorry this is for italians only <3

Nuovo giveaway di Kawaii Gazette, in collaborazione con
In palio, c’è un fantastico pacchetto pieno zeppo di dolcetti!
Per partecipare cliccate su questo LINK e seguite le istruzioni|

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Sweet greetings from Russian lolitas

This is such a sweet idea and a cool video!


Thank you all Russian lolita!
And many hugs from Italy ♥♥♥

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Review: Lady Sloth - Navy Gobelin JSK

Some times ago i ordered this JSK from Lady Sloth, did not had a chance to wear it yet, but finally i got some spare time to write a review about it.

This is the second time i buy from Lady Sloth and I must say she is always kind, helpful and professional.

First shipping got lost, i have no idea how and where, but i never received it.
When I told her she made me a whole new dress, and shipped it and i didn't had to pay anything else.
I'm very grateful for that.

So for the service a give her from 0 to 5 a 5++ and for the shipment another 5, because for sure it was a postal service mistake


the package was whole and the address was printed

The dress inside was wrapped in another plastic to protect it better, when i opened it the dress was ironed it just had a few creases because it was shipped of course.
There was also an hair accessory


When i saw it first thing i though was "it's gorgeous".


The fabric is not the usual cotton it is, let's say "rough", a little bit ticker and rigid perhaps, but in a good way, it gives to the dress that special look, and when i did try it on it was very comfortable, plus it is shirred on the front and the back.

But now lets see more details:
The ruffle is made of chiffon as the shirring on the front and it is very soft.

I love this color.

The lace is made of cotton, it was planned to be in navy but when first shipment got lost she only had this pink one left, but i think i like this one even more.

The bow is detachable and that's very good because i always need a belt, so i can pin the bow somewhere else.

Final vote:

Package 5
Shipment 5
Quality 5
Service 5++

Thank you Lady Sloth!

And thank you all for reading!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Liz Lisa gift winner

The one who will be guaranteed the Liz Lisa hot pant has been designated!


From Everyday Colourful Blog and Tumblr

Friday, 8 November 2013

LBC: How i got interested in Lolita

Starting from the very beginning i don't really remember where, and when i started being interested in lolita fashion.

The first memory i have, was a night, many years ago when i was still living in Brescia and went to a dance club in Milan.
A club where i still used to go a couple of years ago.
There were 2 girls at this club and , at least in the dark, they seemed dressed in gothic lolita, but i was so unaware about lolita that i can't really say.
By the way, i was very excited seeing them, that i still wonder who they were.
At that time there was just the gothic style in lolita, in my imaginary.
So to me it was all like this

It was probably 2007 or 2008.
During the months after that, i googled a bit around about lolita and i found the italian community and registered to the forum, but i never posted nor really looked alot at it.
I was living alone in a city where "fashion" and "different" were blasphemy.
About one year after I moved from fantasy Larp to vampires, and I thought that gothic lolita look would have been great to play a vampire!
And so i got my firs VERY ITA dress from an odd shop that opened in the city i was living in.
Don't laugh to loud please
me as a vampire little girl

The time passed and Lucca Comics and Games 2011 arrived.
We were walking inside the Japan palace and in that precise moment the Lolita Italian Community was hosting a conference about the lolita fashion.

So i stopped to listen for a bit and I found out there was not just the old school gothic lolita, but many other style, that to me looked like something i could have actually weared for everyday or special occasion.
And thn i fell in love.
But still i was (and still i am) such a noob.
That summer i went to London and i found a (crap yeah) lolita shop in camden town and there i got another dress to play vampire
Same character as before
Now I know this dress is a Rose Melody replica
So it all started 'cause of the larp, i needed cool dresses to dress up my character but i ended really loving the fashion and totally changing style.
I started thinking my way was gothic or panku, but now i'm totally classic.
Little by little i did learn about this fashion through the girls I met on the forum community that now are my close friends.

And now the best photos ever:
Me one year later

Lucca 2012
Lucca 2013

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Monday, 4 November 2013

Lucca Comics and Games 2013

As every year on the Halloween weekend there is the biggest cominc and games convention in italy. November the 1th is holiday and it happened to be on a Friday, yay!

The convention was from Thursday, October 30 and Sunday, November the 2th.
We left for Lucca in the evening of Thursday right after job and arrived to Capannori, a location close to Lucca, but where the price are a bit lower, at around 11pm. It was the same room we had the last year for Lucca 2012, cause the host are very nice people and we wanted to come back.

This year I wanted to cosplay my favourite character, it is the one I really love over everything else, is the one I always wanted to be since I was a kid. Yu Morisawa from Creamy Mami .

At the beginning it was planned a combo with Creamy that was going to be played by a friend of mine, but she had to give up ‘cause wasn’t able to come to the convention anymore and so I was a lonely Yu.

 But there were Lonely Creamy(s) and other Lonely Yu(s) around too !

Friday we had good weather and was a luck cause I was dressed very light , with a summer shirt. While Saturday it was grey, damp and rainy I had to buy tights to cover my legs and had to borrow a jacket.

 But even with that weather the convention was heavily crowded!

Saturday night we also went to a vampire Requiem live, it was a decision we took on the late Saturday so we had nothing to wear, and I used a Lolita outfit I had for the dinner out on Friday, it worked good anyway. 

The location for the live was awesome!

Sunday we woke up late and left for Milan, we were very tired, my feet ad my calves still hurt.
I looked for a Yu figures to add to my showcase, but I only found a very small and not so well done Yu, for an absurd price, and a Creamy Mami figure dressed in a sexy bunny suit. So all I got was this pink alpacasso that still needs a name, a comic book about a Fennec and an autographed comic book from an Italian indie (silly) author, Daw.

And now more random pics!


Hope you enjoy

Thursday, 24 October 2013

日本への旅 - 6日目と7 (Trip to Japan - day 6 and 7 )

Usually we had western breakfast at the hotel but for the coffee we always went to Starbucks (at the hotel coffee hard for Italians to have coffee outside Italy) that is at the first floor of the hotel building, in Japan they doesn't have floor 0 (in Italy we have ground floor / piano terra) they start from first floor.
After breakfast we took a little train that runs on trails across homes

and went to Arashiyama to visit Tenryuji temple and the bamboo forest.

They have a good care for the garden and the bamboo forest, there are people removing wild plant and repairing things costantly.

We entered the temple of the clouds dragon (not sure about the name) where pics wasnìt allowed.....but i took a sneaky one (bad girl!)

On the way back we went to the Shogun palace in Kyoto (Nijo castle), inside the palace pic where not allowed, but it was so beautiful!
Like in anime or manga where you see the old time of japan, people walking in this wood corridors, in kimono without shoes, with rooms without wall, just made of big sliding doors (I don't know if is clear what i mean).
We took pics of the huge garden around

On day 7 we went to Inari to the Fushimi-Inari-Taisha Shrine and we walked the Tori path in the wood on the hill.

I will also post a video later.
Thank you for reading!