Google+ Sidhe banshee: April 2012

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Most wanted blouse for Italians Lolita

Lately the OVS industry brand Baby Angel is producing many clothes that embrace the lolita style.

This is a blouse from the new collection Blossom Honey.
I also got a skirt form the old collection, and i hope to get the dress with same template as the skirt and the other blouse from new collection.
But i have to wait because the lack of money, so i hope to still find something next month.
The brand is not so expensive, nor cheap, but a good balance.

What i think is we should encourage OVS to go ahead with the path Baby Angel started, since there aren't Italian brands selling this kind of clothes and the Italian girl could find great convenience buying something from OVS then ordering everything from japan or china or USA.

Friday, 27 April 2012


So i dediced to add a new label to talk about movies.

In the past few days i made my bf to watch 2 movies i liked alot, on the wake of the one he made me watch:
Battle Royale:

I had already read some volumes of the manga.

So i made him to watch : Confessions

I really really appreciate this movie the direction cut and the music.
And in the end, talking about revenge i made him to watch Lady Vendetta, that isn't a japan movie but a korean one.

If anybody wanna suggest me new movies i will appreciate it ;)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The faeries' gate

This sunday there was the fantasy larp event.
Finally, i would say.
So i left bf at home and went to play!
The location was great, it was the Soncino castle.

I went to play other time at that location, but always around the castle, while this time we were inside the castle.
The plot was about saving or not an imaginary girl who was the imaginary love of the Baron's son.

He wanted to convice us she was real, he dreamed of her and he was sure she was his true love.
But we had infiltrator from bot side, the good and the evil side, and they were trying to push us in different directions.

In the end we didn't save that girl from the cave she was trapped in, cause some people decided to steal the magic walking stick that was needed to enter the cave.

So the evil side won, we didn't know there were evil and good side plotting with us, the ones who stealed the stick came back after and killed some of us who were unconcious and robbed em, i was cursed by an Obscure Puka, and i run away, that saved me from being killed.

After that we were all invited to the Dark Court, the Dark Faeries Court, cause we ended up doing their will.

And i made a pact with them to remove my curse, but that means the dark faeries own me, and i will serve them for long time and much probably my character will die by them.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Too many things, too little time

I finally got all the materials needed to tailor my victorian skirt (and i'm laughing because i have no clue what i'm going to make and if it's going to look as a skirt, and even as a victorian skirt!)
My sewing kit
My tutorial book

My sweing machine
Skirt component

What i'm missing now is just the time.
I'm so busy, everyday, till night time, damn!
Going to job everyday and to the gym after job 3 times per week, cuddling the cat when i get home, yeah no joking, he follows me mewing for my attencion, so i have to cuddle him and play with him then cuddle him and play with like having a baby.
Fantasy larp events, vampire larp events, friends, cat, boyfriend, gym, job, and in all this i have to find the time to sew the skirt and do some baking.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Some sweetness from my trip

Finally back home after the short trip to my parents place.
Is time to get back to my routine and start my new tailor project.
And for now, some sweetness for you

Thursday, 12 April 2012

To tailor and sew

I want to learn to tailor and sew.

So i’m gonna buy this IKEA sewing machine to start easy, and some books, then i’ll look for tutoria to tailor easy outfit to larp and to modificate dresses and skirt to lolita style.

Thats an huge ambition i know, but i want to try

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

About Drinking

Last saturday i posted a pic of wine glasses and bottle.
I love wine, i dont like super-alcoholic drinks.
I drink 1 and half glass of wine and i’m done, i’m fun and i laugh alot and i say stupid things.
But happened something else to the girl we were celebrating.
Her so called friends, made her to drink like she never did before, again and again, until she puked all out, on her face on her hair on her dress.
It was her party, and her friends did this to her.
She could have said no, but she never drink before she didn’t know probably how it is when you drink too much.
Then when she felt bad those who made her to drink went to take care of her, took her to the toilet to help her puke more and clean up.
Oh yeah this is friendship.
I would never embarrass a friend of mine in the day she is celebrating something important to her.
I would make her happy and have fun instead.
But sorry, maybe i’m wrong about everything.
Keep drinking, your makeup will pour, and your face will look like you are an idiot, you won’t be beautiful, you will just look like a clown and smell disgusting

Friday, 6 April 2012

Incoming weekend

Are you ready?
What is your plan for the incoming weekend?
Eating alot?
Playing any larp?
Going to any Gothic Lolita Event?
Having a Tea party?

Share it!

Siete pronti?
Quali sono i vostri programmi per il weekend in arrivo?
Mangerete un sacco?
Parteciperete a qualche gioco di ruolo live?
Andrete a qualche evento Gothic Lolita?
Darete un Tea party?


Thursday, 5 April 2012


Anche oggi in palestra a smaltire la ciccia!
Dopo la cena di sushi di ieri, che ha, seppur di poco, interrotto la dieta, si corre ai ripari (ma non esageriamo!)con una intensa lezione di step di 1h.
Dai dai! la meta è vicina!

And today is time to lose some fat!
After the sushi i ate yesterday that break, even if just a little, the diet i have to recover with a step lesson of 1h.
The goal is close don't give up!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Shopping in London

Hey all!

I’m going in U.K. for my holidays in June.

Anybody knows where to go shopping?

My first stop will be Camden Town of course. I’ve been there already.

But if i would find some shop dedicate to Gothic Lolita, and Larping where could i go?

Ciao a tutti!
Andrò a Londra per le mie vacanze a giugno.
Qualcuno sa suggerirmi dove andare a fare shopping?
Per prima cosa andrò sicuramente a Camden Town, ci sono già stata (lo adoro!)
Ma se volessi dei negozi specializzati in abbigliamento Gothic Lolita e Larp (liva action roleplay game)?