Google+ Sidhe banshee: June 2012

Saturday, 30 June 2012

The end of the trip

Oh yeah!
I'm back home, since some hours now.
Just the time to get home from airport, loving the cat,  buy some food, loving the cat, eating some food, loving the cat, having a shower, loving the cat.
It is so damn HOT here in Italy, and i bet the cat wanna sleep with me after all the days we have been away.....and i love him too much to not let him sleep with me <3
I had lot of fun, has been great!
And i have so many things to say and show, and so many pics, and i did so much shopping is gonna take ages to be able to show you all.
I will, little by little, but i have to organize everything!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Just in time! Circle lens arrived!

My bf and me were just chilling out in the kitchen after lunch, talking and washing plates when the entryphone did ring.
And YEEEEHHH it was the postman with my pack!
I thought they were not arriving before we leaving for UK, but i was wrong YUPPIE!
I wanted to make a video, but i am to shy to film myself, and i took too many pics for a single blog post, so i used all those pics to make a short video.
I'm very embarassed about that ahahaha..but who cares!

Don't laugh too hard please ehehehe.

Kiss, Sidhe <3

The trip is starting - UK here we come!

Hi all!
Tomorrow we are finally living for the UK YEEHH!
This is my third time, first time i went to London i was 15yo and haven't been a nice vacation to be honest!
My grandparents wanted to take me with them when they went to see my Auntie that was living in there.
But i was so young and shy and they weren't letting me do nothing..sooooo sad!
Then i went back 2 years ago and was great!
Now I'm going there again with my boyfriend (so you know we are together from less then 2 years ahah ) he has never been there, and even if there are so many places around the world to see, I really love UK so i was happy to go there again with him.
Our first stop will be to Leeds, we will be to a friend of mine place, he came here in Italy about 3 or 4 years ago and was with me for about a week.
After 5 days in leeds we will move to London for 5 more days.
I have a plan to all the things we have to do, and they seems too many i hope we can do them all ahahah.
Here the map of our trip!

Tonight we are going to listen one of my favorite group Rise Against, to Magnolia, i did listen to their last album for a month, everyday, to learn the songs ahahah, but i don't know if i will have time to post about that.
So cya on July!

Love Sidhe <3

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Lolita to the museum

This Saturday I met with some other lolita of the community who lives in my same city.
We first went to a japan restaurant and after that we went to visit the Leonardo Museum, it is a science and technique museum.
There were old trains and boats ( a complete one!), a submarine, and airplanes, it was very nice.
I was very happy to visit the museum 'cause in the city were i was born and i grew up i've been at the museums many times, but i never saw this one here in Milan.
Here some pics to share with you :)

And if you don't know who i am.
I'm the small one with black air and black dress.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Thursday, 14 June 2012

A present for a friend

This sunday i'm finally going to celebrate my birhtday, and the birthday of a friend of mine aswell, she's born a day after me (some years later....don't dare to ask!)
I got very little presents for my birthday, but it is this way since few years when i stopped to celebrate it as a big fantastic event, cause i was alwasy getting disappointed in the end.
So i prefer to hide it and celebrate it in privat, usually i go to see my family that lives away from me, and in the last years to just be with my bf doing something nice together, as it was for the aquarium.
We had plan this picnic for our birthdays since long time now, and we had to delay it every weekend cause of the bad weather.
But it seems we finally gonna have sun this sunday.
Oh! Back to the topic.
I went to get a present for this friend of mine, she is very complicate and moody (but very fun), it was hard to decide what to get for her...very.
So in the end i decided to buy something i wanted for me from long time, and i went to one of my favourite shop "Mistral" in Corso Buenos Aires in Milan city.
It is, i think somebody told me, a french shop specialized in gift, and it has so many beautiful things...i always spend too much time in there staring at everything even the gift papaer.
So i bought for her this teapot i wanted since long time, and i was always telling myself i don't really need it, no need to spend money this way.

It has the teapot the cup and the plate.
If she is not going to like it i'm gonna get it back for me! Q_Q

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Abito nuziale? / Wedding dress?

Se vi doveste sposare, in comune, e non con abiti tradizionali, che vestito scegliereste?
Io per esempio ho trovato questo che sarebbe carino, ma vorrei vederne anche altri!

If you should get married , but not in church, and not with a classic, traditional dress, what would you chose?
I found this one that would be nice, but i would like to see more dresses.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Never take yourself too seriously

Genova's Aquarium Birthday Tour

I wanted to post a slideshow of my tour to the Genova's Aquarium.
It doesn't seems I'm able to insert a slideshow in the post, so i'm just going to put in a link to my flikr, i know nobody is gonna click it, because of lazyness, but....whatever, here we go

Genova's Aquarium

And if you happen to see it the leave me a comment.
Thank you <3

p.s. there are some very sweet pics of a cute seal

Friday, 8 June 2012

Bodyline models weight

I was as usual browsing web to look at clothes, blouses, shoes, for lolita's outfit.
On the Bodyline page ( ) they use to put models measures.

I don't know their name, but for example the occidental one that is the most showed in pics has this measures:
Height 160
Bust 76
Waist 57
Hip 89
No clue about the weight.

An oriental model got this measures
Height 157.5
Bust 77
Waist 58
Hip 85

Then i gave a look to the model contest and i found out 3 models height and weight
158x49 (108 lbs) - BMI 19.63
165x46 (405.5 lbs) BMI 16.90
163x50 (110 lbs) BMI 18.82
Testing their Body Mass Index they are all underweight.
I also did some research about Venus Angelc (Venus Palermo), who said she won the contest somewhen somehow.
She sould be 162x50 (110lbs) BMI 19.5
The BMI considered the lowest one for a normal and heatly weight is 20.

I also searched for Dakota Ostrenga (Dakota Rose, Kota Koti) but i couldnt find her height and weight also cause she looked very different on the japan tv, a bit chubby then in the pics.

I'm going to test myself once home. I'm not fat i'm normal i should lose about 3-5 kg

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

June the 2th - VAMPIRE LARP

This was my party at the last Vampire the Masquerade LARP ( live action roleplay game), in Pavia, i think we were quite cool!
I just wished to look better in this pic...
I don't have other pics of us, this is the only one the offical photographer published.
It was very fun, we met many good player and nice people.
The organization and the location were great.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Tonight Larp

The day has arrived.
This evening we are going to the new Vampire the Masquerade campaign Larp.
My bf, my friends and me passed the last weeks writing our background, making our characters, and trying the outfits.
Now we are ready...and if we are not...we will anyway!
I showed you what my character was going to look like, I had to do the final test yesterday, but my bf called me when i was about to get a shower, and asked to go with him to buy some stuff he needed for his character.
So he got a brand new outfit, got a blous,e a slacks, bracers and a  papillon.
Once back at home i had just time to get the shower and iron my hair, then i was so tired, still cause of the cat, that i just went to sleep, since anyway i had to come to job this morning (and i'm at office right now ....yeah is 2 june and it is holiday here, nothing to do at all, i told my boss, but he wanted me to come anyway..okay pay me 30% more to be doing nothin :P ).
This way i have just few time left this afternoon to try all my outfit, i want to try it full, with dress, wig and makup so it is going to need a little bit to do it all.
Yesterday my bf asked me "why do you need to try it? Can't you just go and put it on once we there?"

No i cant!

I need to check my makeup to be sure i'm able to enlarge my eyes, and the dress i need to check how it is with short sleeves blouse cause it is too hot to use long sleeves one!
And about the wig, i have to cut old collant to use it as the stuff (i don't know the name) to keep all my hair in place under the wig without having black hair going out from the blonde one!
And i have to clock all the operation to be sure I'm going to be fast and not taking 1 hour just to dress up once we are at the location of the larp!

Oh gosh...Men really don't get it!!!

Yesteray I also wanted to do a french manicure, but since by bf stealed all my time i just fixed the polish nail i had on already.
Wanna see it?
Here we go

And tomorrow we are going to Genova's aquarium!
I'll show you pics of both the events as I get em.
have a nice weekend!

Friday, 1 June 2012

What would you chose?

I have a problem with shoes.
I love heels. i love cute shoes, i love them all feet doesnt.
My feet hurt if i use anything but running shoes.
They hurt if i use converse, expecially my back hurts if i walk too much with those.
And i get blisters if i use pump, especially without any kind of socks, and my back hurts too if i walk in pump for too long.
No way i can walk more then 5 meters with heels.
It is too hot for boots....

So ...what shoes could i use to be cute and dont feel pain?!
I'm going to the aquarium this sunday and we will watl.
And i will be in the U.K. for my vacation and we will walk alot there too....
So help me chose some shoes!