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Friday, 8 June 2012

Bodyline models weight

I was as usual browsing web to look at clothes, blouses, shoes, for lolita's outfit.
On the Bodyline page ( ) they use to put models measures.

I don't know their name, but for example the occidental one that is the most showed in pics has this measures:
Height 160
Bust 76
Waist 57
Hip 89
No clue about the weight.

An oriental model got this measures
Height 157.5
Bust 77
Waist 58
Hip 85

Then i gave a look to the model contest and i found out 3 models height and weight
158x49 (108 lbs) - BMI 19.63
165x46 (405.5 lbs) BMI 16.90
163x50 (110 lbs) BMI 18.82
Testing their Body Mass Index they are all underweight.
I also did some research about Venus Angelc (Venus Palermo), who said she won the contest somewhen somehow.
She sould be 162x50 (110lbs) BMI 19.5
The BMI considered the lowest one for a normal and heatly weight is 20.

I also searched for Dakota Ostrenga (Dakota Rose, Kota Koti) but i couldnt find her height and weight also cause she looked very different on the japan tv, a bit chubby then in the pics.

I'm going to test myself once home. I'm not fat i'm normal i should lose about 3-5 kg

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