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Thursday, 14 June 2012

A present for a friend

This sunday i'm finally going to celebrate my birhtday, and the birthday of a friend of mine aswell, she's born a day after me (some years later....don't dare to ask!)
I got very little presents for my birthday, but it is this way since few years when i stopped to celebrate it as a big fantastic event, cause i was alwasy getting disappointed in the end.
So i prefer to hide it and celebrate it in privat, usually i go to see my family that lives away from me, and in the last years to just be with my bf doing something nice together, as it was for the aquarium.
We had plan this picnic for our birthdays since long time now, and we had to delay it every weekend cause of the bad weather.
But it seems we finally gonna have sun this sunday.
Oh! Back to the topic.
I went to get a present for this friend of mine, she is very complicate and moody (but very fun), it was hard to decide what to get for her...very.
So in the end i decided to buy something i wanted for me from long time, and i went to one of my favourite shop "Mistral" in Corso Buenos Aires in Milan city.
It is, i think somebody told me, a french shop specialized in gift, and it has so many beautiful things...i always spend too much time in there staring at everything even the gift papaer.
So i bought for her this teapot i wanted since long time, and i was always telling myself i don't really need it, no need to spend money this way.

It has the teapot the cup and the plate.
If she is not going to like it i'm gonna get it back for me! Q_Q


  1. anche io conosco Mistral! mi piace un sacco... quando passo per Buenos Aires mi fermo sempre a frugare ^.^

    1. E' veramente un negozio bellissimo, meno male che è piccolo sennò ci avrei perso dentro giornate intere :(
      Alla fine compro sempre i regali per gli altri li , e mai per me!!