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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Tonight Larp

The day has arrived.
This evening we are going to the new Vampire the Masquerade campaign Larp.
My bf, my friends and me passed the last weeks writing our background, making our characters, and trying the outfits.
Now we are ready...and if we are not...we will anyway!
I showed you what my character was going to look like, I had to do the final test yesterday, but my bf called me when i was about to get a shower, and asked to go with him to buy some stuff he needed for his character.
So he got a brand new outfit, got a blous,e a slacks, bracers and a  papillon.
Once back at home i had just time to get the shower and iron my hair, then i was so tired, still cause of the cat, that i just went to sleep, since anyway i had to come to job this morning (and i'm at office right now ....yeah is 2 june and it is holiday here, nothing to do at all, i told my boss, but he wanted me to come anyway..okay pay me 30% more to be doing nothin :P ).
This way i have just few time left this afternoon to try all my outfit, i want to try it full, with dress, wig and makup so it is going to need a little bit to do it all.
Yesterday my bf asked me "why do you need to try it? Can't you just go and put it on once we there?"

No i cant!

I need to check my makeup to be sure i'm able to enlarge my eyes, and the dress i need to check how it is with short sleeves blouse cause it is too hot to use long sleeves one!
And about the wig, i have to cut old collant to use it as the stuff (i don't know the name) to keep all my hair in place under the wig without having black hair going out from the blonde one!
And i have to clock all the operation to be sure I'm going to be fast and not taking 1 hour just to dress up once we are at the location of the larp!

Oh gosh...Men really don't get it!!!

Yesteray I also wanted to do a french manicure, but since by bf stealed all my time i just fixed the polish nail i had on already.
Wanna see it?
Here we go

And tomorrow we are going to Genova's aquarium!
I'll show you pics of both the events as I get em.
have a nice weekend!


  1. Great nails!

    Kisses from Italy