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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Lolita Style for Beginners

So you want to dress in lolita style?
Do you know what it actually is?
Do you know where to buy and what?
Do you know where to start?
As a beginner myself, I can give you some advice.

First of all
Don’t buy anything now, because if you don’t know yet what you really want, and what really is LOLITA, then you will end buying something that is NOT Lolita.
Paying for it money it doesn’t worth.
What you really need now is to learn.
So find some Lolita communities, if there are in your country/town, and get on the most popular Lolita communities on the web as EGL on live journal
And study, read, watch, study again and read and watch again.
A good place to start is Hello Lace here you can actually learn alot about every Lolita style, then when you decided what is the style you want to follow, start to build a basic wardrobe.
So don’t go to buy an OP (one piece) , or a JSK (jumper skirt), start with something easier, get one or more blouses, and skirts, a petticoat and then start to get other accessories to build an outfit around those things.
Then when you feel comfortable go for a jsk and/or an OP.

My 2 newbie cents

Monday, 27 August 2012

Bodyline Order n° 1

It arrived Thursday, August the 24, and i order it on August the 8th, so it just took 15 days to arrive.

Not so bad.
I checked often the expedition track, with the link Bodyline sent to my email, and i couldn't find anything on the Japanese one until August the 15th, but after that it was quite fast, arrived in Italy on the 22 and they tried to delivery it on the 24.
I got no customer fee, that was awesome!
Here is the Bodilyne bloomers in a cute plastic bag

They fit me quite good, but i was afraid cause my hips are large.
They are made of cotton, soft enough, the feeling is comfortable.
And here we have the Bodyline boots, they came without packaging.

 Of course they are not made of real leather and the result is a bit rigid, i'm wearing them right now with socks to tray and make them more comfortable, especially on the calf, because, as you can see from the following picture they are small on that part, at least for my calf.
I'm probably going to change the laces with longer ones.
I already removed a couple of roses, because i'm willing to use them for job too and i think the roses are inappropriate for job.

If you don't know yet about Bodyline, here is their website , remember to click on "send to oversea" because the other section is for japanese only!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

The coat i want

Next monday is pay-day and as i promise to myself i'm gonna order my coat.
I need a new one for the winter so why not to get a loli-style one that can fit for everyday at office aswell?
This is the one i chose

In grey with black fur (it is fake fur, i don't want to wear real fur), should be made of thin wool and cashmere, on the back it has a bow waist.
The coat includes fur collar and sleeves both detachable and a cape.
It would be perfect, without the cape and maybe fur, to go to the job, and with cape and fur for lolita outfits.
I could also use the cape alone in spring or autumn.
The only thing i'm worried about is the size.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Into the vortex of tracking pack!

Finally my pack was trackable on the japanese website.
I know everything is delayed due the holiday, but i think in japan August the 15 is nothing special.
In fact :

I placed the order on August the 9, but they sent just on the 15 :(
I can't track it yet in italy, and i have no idea how long it will take and how long it will stay at the custom.
I hope to get it for the end of the month.
I'm ready to place a new order, but not on bodyline.
I'm gonna buy a coat, i need a new one for the winter, so i'm gonna get a lolita style one, yay!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Gothic Lolita Pageant at Lucca Comics 2012

The title says all!

This year, as every year, from the first to the 4Th of November,  there will be the biggest Italian comics convention.


Inside the wall of  the beautiful city of Lucca, Tuscany.
There will be many stands dedicate to different subjects as anime, manga, Italian comics, america comics, indie, fashion, cosplay and so on.
And as usual a WHOLE build dedicate to Japan: JAPAN PALACE.
It is where the Gothic Lolita Italian Community will host, this year aswell, the Gothic Lolita Pageant.

So if you plan to come to Lucca Comics 2012 don't miss it!
This year the theme will be the seasons.
The pageant will take place to the Japan Palace on November the third at 4pm.

Here the past editions

Note -
i will not be modelling because i don't have an outfit ready, but i will be there to support the other girls

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

If you are out of money....

You gotta find a solution!
As you know i ordered from bodyline, so probably you are thinking
"Hey this girl always complain about being out of money but keep spending!"
Yeah, i sold my old smartphone, this is how i got money to order the boots.

But i had unexpected charges, i changed bank and the old one kept 75 € to close the account (using some poor excuse ) i will probaly get some of those money back in a couple of months (like maybe 15 €)

I gave a look around to find a second job, but it can't be a full time one, since i already have one, and i hand't any luck untill now.

I wanna buy some lolita clothes for the winter, this mean i MUST save some money to be able to order those clothes.

So starting from tomorrow, the program is to survive with 10 € per day untill the next salary.

Except thursday when i had already planned a lunch out with a friend so it is already included in the spend review.

Good luck.


About a couple of week ago we got invited to a brunch at friends home to celebrate their new home.
They are the kind of people who cares about nature, pollution, ecology and so on.
So they always eat biological and make things by their own.
So 90% of food on this table is made by them.

My bf, who loves cooking took from them some pasta madre, made it to grow up and did cook some very good bread!

This is me at the brunch, i use to borrow a mirror wherever i go, because i don't have a full one at home.

I love this pic, it makes me look thin, and yeah i know i'm not smiling, is not a rule that you always gotta smile in a pic. I was focused to not let the phone to fall XD.
In theme with the bio-brunch i thought it was good to use a "natural" style bag

Funny things this is the same bag you can see in an outfit post on Cupcake's clothes.
I got it from Primark, in U.K. (woah i miss Primark so much! i wanna go there again!)

All pics are took with instagram, not photoshopped.

Bye <3

Monday, 13 August 2012

What i need in my lolita wardrobe

I was thinking about adding a page for my wardrobe where to post and give an order to the clothes i own, but just those that are fine for lolita style.
I know there are sites that does that, like poupee.
It is not going to be a big job for me, since my lolita wardrobe is very small at the moment.
Just i'm too lazy and, to be honest, I'm also embarassed cause i don't have money to buy expensive brands clothes...
I made a smart list of what i really need to start with lolita.
A starte wardrobe.
Let's start from what i already have.

2 white short sleeves blouses OVS
1 black short sleeves blouse Bodyline
1 black cardigan OVS
1 white long petticoat Hell Bunny
1 black sailor style high waist skirt Bodyline
1 white and black skirt otk OVS
1 black imperial style dress Offbrand
2 under the knee socks

Incoming items
1 pair black boots at the knee
1 white bloomers

1 white long sleeves blouse
1 black long sleeves blouse
1 coat
2 or more parigine socks (otk)
2 ore more colored winter collant
2 winter type skirt
1 shorter petticoat

If anybody got any hint for a starter lolita wardrobe what to get and where (cheap!) please, leave a comment :)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

I hate PayPal

Yesterday i did my order from BODYLINE, i sould be happy.
But i had great issue with PayPal that forced me to give up on an item.
I had to associate my prepayed card to PayPal account.
After i did it, the told me that they were charging 1,50 euro on my card to prove i was the owner.
They told me AFTER i associate the card.
The charge was going to generate a code, writing down that code into the PayPal account they were going to give me back the 1,50 euro.
So i did.
But they gave me the mony back on the Paypal account and not on the card.
i tried to buy my items from Bodyline, but of course there wasnt enough money on card.
So i wanted to put back those money on the card, but to do that they were going to charge me 1 euro.
I cancelled the transaction, but they charged my card with another euro!!!
At this point i was out of my mind, VERY UPSET!
I went to the other room to vent.
Got back to the pc and decided to give up on the petticoat since the money on card were not enough.
But, i was so upset with paypal that i decided to not use that service.
I did my order using my card, the same i associated to PayPal.
This morning i found PayPal charged another euro on my card.

I wrote very mean and upset mail to their assisntance, havent got any reply yet.
I can pass over the 1,50.


So i can't enjoy my shopping :(
I got boots and bloomers.
But i'm so upset ....
Is going to be charged every breath i take?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Birthday pie to my love

I'm not talking about my cat!
No, no, i mean my bf!
In a couple of days is going to be his birthday and since we gave our birthday presents each others in June (we went to a gig and bought each other the tickets), i thought he needed, anyway, something special for his birthday!
We are going to have a dinner at friends home and they are making a yougurt cake for him, but he asked me a special cake, and so, even if i'm not good at all at cooking i did it for him.
yeah there is a but...
He was making a pie, and he already had the pastafrolla (crust pastry? the one you use to make pies.
And since my cake, is more a pie.....
YES! I used the pastafrolla he had already done...ahahahah, yeah i'm a cheater!

Anyway, who follows me on tumblr, or twitter or instagram already saw all the steps.
I followed a random recipe found on the web, here we go:

Just roll the pastafrolla into the baking pan, riddle it with holes and put it in the oven to 180 degrees for 20/30 mins.
Meanwhile melt the dark chocolate in a bain-marie.

Mix the the cream with an egg until it get whipped.
Peel and cut the pears, let them in a plate with some sugar so they don't get yellow.
When 20/30 minutes has passe get the pastafrolla out of the oven and put the pieces of pears in it, then put it again in the oven for like 15 minutes.
Meanwhile mix the chocolate with the whipped cream.

And after the 15 minutes has passed put the chocolate whipped cream in the baking pot with the pears, put it again in the oven until it seems ready.

If you want to make it look better you can dust some icing sugar on the pie

Ingredients i used:
- pastafrolla
- one egg
- cream (for sweets/cake etc) 250g
- dark chocolate 100g
- icing sugar
- to make it more crunchy i smashed some savoiardi and put the crumbs in the chocolate cream.

I hope it tastes good, my bf is going to try it tomorrow for morning breakfast.


Monday, 6 August 2012

Giveaway i won

Today arrived the Cheap Frills giveaway made by Georgina Doull, from Cupcake's Clothes blog.
Look how cute it is!
The package

The prizes!

A pair of earring 

And a necklace

So lovable! 
Thank you Cupcake's Clothes and Cheap Frills <3

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Sushi Party!

After we got ingredients from Poporoya we enjoided the self-made sushi and so we invited a couple of friend home, for a self-made sushi party (also known as fake-japan food party).
Yeah , fake because is made by us, can't be good enough to be called sushi ahahah :)

We went to Chinatown and we find everything we needed, japan rice for sushi, Nori seaweed, wasabi, rice vinegar, even the pot to boil the rice.

Nothing to say, this is not a food/cooking blog, my bf is gonna open one so if you wanna know how we made it, ask him!
For now, just pics!

Friday, 3 August 2012

About fitness and diet

I should be posting about my vacation in England, I still have many pics to organize and such.
But lately i'm being lazy with that, also 'cause I'm busy, with job, gym, cats, bf, friends.
All things that make me happy...except the job....not that it makes me sad but i would like to earn money without having to get to the office and argue with customers everyday XD.

Today is my last day to the gym because they are closing for the next 2 weeks due vacations.
I disagree about this closing, i payed the whole month but i can't go for 2 weeks.
I wish it wasn't so hot so i culd play to just dance for some exercise, we dont have air-conditioner at home :(

I'm working hard to win my battle against fat.
NOTE: I don't think who is overweight is ugly.
But i don't wanna be overweight, it is ugly ON ME.
I'm short and all my fat goes on my hips and legs and bottom, it makes me look ridiculous.
I wanna wear some kind of dresses that i think would look good on me only if i stay thin.
Plus I'm tryin to be healty with food and exercise , because...i wanna stay young and live forever XD

Since January i lost 8.5 kg ( 18.74 lbs ), nothing impressive or extreme, i did it with the right times, in the right way and it is something is going to last.
Because of that i had to renew my wardrobe, many things were too big for me to use again, so 2 days ago i gave a look to my closets and startet to trow or to give away shirts i was no longer using, i also found something i can try to sell.
Next step is the wardrobe itself, i know there are many jeans and slacks i can get rid off, to make some space for my next shopping.
I'm gonna need many new things for the winter cause all the old clothes are big (yay!) and i wanna buy lolita clothes that, indeed, take a good amount of space (and money).

What i would like to get, also, are some parigine, the socks over the knee, but for those i really need to do something for my legs and find a good way to wear them, my legs are not good looking at all :(
And even with the gym they are not so firm.

Anyway i'm close to my goal, even if i know my legs will never be thin, cause they have never been, that's my body, is not going to change, my aunties got my same legs and hips.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Wishlist page

I added a wishlist page, because there are always so many things i like and i say i will buy soon or later, so i need to arrange my thoughts in order to be ready when is time for shopping!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

So many visitors

I won a giveaway from the blog Cupcake's Clothes by  Georgina Doulla.
Since then many people came to visit my blog.
I want to thank Georgina, and Cheap Frills, and also all the visitors.
And i would like to apologize because I know my blog is nothing special, it is not about a specific subject, is just about me and what happens in my normal life, and english is not my first language so this is why is not so good.

Thanks to everybody! <3

(i will make a post about the giveaway when i will get the prizes)