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Friday, 17 August 2012

Gothic Lolita Pageant at Lucca Comics 2012

The title says all!

This year, as every year, from the first to the 4Th of November,  there will be the biggest Italian comics convention.


Inside the wall of  the beautiful city of Lucca, Tuscany.
There will be many stands dedicate to different subjects as anime, manga, Italian comics, america comics, indie, fashion, cosplay and so on.
And as usual a WHOLE build dedicate to Japan: JAPAN PALACE.
It is where the Gothic Lolita Italian Community will host, this year aswell, the Gothic Lolita Pageant.

So if you plan to come to Lucca Comics 2012 don't miss it!
This year the theme will be the seasons.
The pageant will take place to the Japan Palace on November the third at 4pm.

Here the past editions

Note -
i will not be modelling because i don't have an outfit ready, but i will be there to support the other girls

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