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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Into the vortex of tracking pack!

Finally my pack was trackable on the japanese website.
I know everything is delayed due the holiday, but i think in japan August the 15 is nothing special.
In fact :

I placed the order on August the 9, but they sent just on the 15 :(
I can't track it yet in italy, and i have no idea how long it will take and how long it will stay at the custom.
I hope to get it for the end of the month.
I'm ready to place a new order, but not on bodyline.
I'm gonna buy a coat, i need a new one for the winter, so i'm gonna get a lolita style one, yay!


  1. Not sure how long it takes for items to arrivel in Italy, have heard that it takes a bit more than to other Europe. Sometimes when I have ordered from bodyline, my package has been shipped super fast, but had an experience when it took a few days. Not sure when they have the delivery collection day.

    Arimail from Japan to Finland has always been very fast, usually takes less than a week.

    I really need a lolita coat for the winter too..have been meaning to make one for ages, but still haven't started. I bid my dream coat in japanese auction site a while back and didn't win it and I almost cried about it, since it's really hard to even find that specific coat. :(

    Frillycakes ♥

    1. The problem in italy is the costum.
      They can put on standby stuff for a week or more...crazy.
      And then they ask you for crazy fee.

      I think i'll order my coat from taobao, i still think it worth it even with the costum fee.
      And i'm not good enough at sweing...i just did 1 skirt to larp and i failed a gilet to my bf.

      What coat do you have in mind?

    2. When you order stuff, you need to ask the sender to mark the value of the package low, so you won't have to pay the customs fees. Finland has quite big fees too, but I try to be sneaky with them. :P

      I'm ahve learned sewing jsut by making outfits, I only have the elementary school handcraft-classes as an education. :P

      I have fallen in love with AP's Milky-chan coat (Milky-chan. I would prefer the plain or polkadot pink, but these are really hard to find, especially in decent price.

    3. Yeah i asked to bl to help.

      Cute coat!
      I'm more for classic style, i was thinking to this, in grey

    4. Mmm..beautiful coat and in the end it's not a bad price for a winter coat. :)

      I love too many kinds of lolita styles. :P
      I would love to own a wardrobe for sweet, classic, hime and gothic. ^_^