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Monday, 27 August 2012

Bodyline Order n° 1

It arrived Thursday, August the 24, and i order it on August the 8th, so it just took 15 days to arrive.

Not so bad.
I checked often the expedition track, with the link Bodyline sent to my email, and i couldn't find anything on the Japanese one until August the 15th, but after that it was quite fast, arrived in Italy on the 22 and they tried to delivery it on the 24.
I got no customer fee, that was awesome!
Here is the Bodilyne bloomers in a cute plastic bag

They fit me quite good, but i was afraid cause my hips are large.
They are made of cotton, soft enough, the feeling is comfortable.
And here we have the Bodyline boots, they came without packaging.

 Of course they are not made of real leather and the result is a bit rigid, i'm wearing them right now with socks to tray and make them more comfortable, especially on the calf, because, as you can see from the following picture they are small on that part, at least for my calf.
I'm probably going to change the laces with longer ones.
I already removed a couple of roses, because i'm willing to use them for job too and i think the roses are inappropriate for job.

If you don't know yet about Bodyline, here is their website , remember to click on "send to oversea" because the other section is for japanese only!


  1. Yayy! They arrived! :D

    The shoes look really good and bloomers are always adorable! I don't actually own a proper pair of those, so need to make them one day when I have the time. ^^

    Frillycakes ♥

    1. I often think i should try again to use sewing machine, but first i need to buy fabric...and i'm not really good a sewing, damn...

    2. Practice you have any old sheets, curtains, some old clothes you don't use anymore? Try your sewing skills on them so you don't buy some cute fabric and then accidently ruin it. If it's some old thing you were gonna get rid of anyways, you won't feel bad. :D