Google+ Sidhe banshee: December 2012

Saturday, 22 December 2012

For Jasmine

I'm writing this because i feel gulty.
Because i've cryed so much when I heard she died, and i cry everytime i see a pic of her.
She was Jasmine, 3 years od, felv+
She was with the association of volunteers I adopted my cats from.
I've read the association make a plea for her almost everyday....
Nobody wanted to adopt her....
Then she got a family, and i was so happy!
But after a few days they got her back because of some allergy...and all the hope i had for her to be finally happy crashed...
The plea start again...i was following her story, I did talk with my bf about adopting her too, but we already have 2 cats and they are healthy and we had not enough money to vaccinate both of them against felv, nor to feed 3 cats....
I had to agree with him about that.
But Jasmine was still there, luckly i knew the volunteers were all sweet and kind with her, but she was not living in an home, but like, just in a room.
I hugged my cats tight everytime i thought of her..her needing an hug and a cuddle and a kiss, like Ichi and Nichan always have.
Then she got a new family, with other cats.
A new home and new sisters and brothers for her, they were posting pics of her sitting on the chair, sleeping on the radiator.
I felt so better knowing she finally got her own family loving her.
But all of a sudden,about 1 months after, i did read she was dead....
I don't even know how, nor why...but she was gone forever.
I was in the car with my bf and i start to cry and cry, and i'm still crying.
She knew the love of a family in the end...but for so short..too short.

I'm so sorry, Jasmine...
I feel so bad I can't even ask you to forgive me.
But i won't forget you.
I chose my cats, even if I adopted them, i chose them to be still kitten, and healthy, and i hope for them to live forever and happy with me and bf.
But when the time will come, and i will be older, i want to get all the cats too old, or too ill..the cats novody else wants.
Because all cats are beautiful and all cats deserve to be loved.
All animals deserve to be loved.

Goodbye sweet Jasmine

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A victorian treasure hunt

I woke up at 8.30 am on a cold saturday morning.
The train from Milan to Turin was at 11.18 am, and i still had to buy the ticket.
The meeting with the other girls was at the central train station.

Milan was very cold, still covered by a white veil of fresh snow, it snowed almost the whole friday.
I had to change the whole outfit i had planned, because moonboots were not okay under a victorian skirt that leaves the ankles out....i tried with a lolita skirt but was looking i just went casual lolita....if it can be called so...i really don't know...

When we arrived we found out Turin, was clean, sunny and there was no trace of snow...
I was dressed up like there was going to be a snowstorm cause meteo said so...but it was wrong...and i sweat the whole day.
I had to change my outfit..because of snow and there was no snow at all..

I felt so stupid.
So i will show you just few pics...where you can just see my coat.
Even my face was awful.

We had a envelope with the hints, they were numered so we had to start from the first to arrive to the last one.
In every team ( 4 of them) there was a person with whatsapp and a person who knows Turin.
The hint had to lead you to a place, like museums, or sculptures, the team had to take a pic of that place and send it to the coordinator, if it was right we were allowed to read the next hint.

We were going very good, but we went to the wrong place of the last hint. it was very far, so we lost lot of time and we arrived last eheheh.
but is okay it was jus for fun.
The prize was a bag of candies, and the winners gave some candies to everybody.

After the treasure hunt we all went to a tea room to get coffee, tea, beer, oranje juice and whatever.

Friday, 14 December 2012

LBC: Your favorite dress

As you should already know, I'm still working on my loltia base wardrobe.
I do a small order every month, but the delivery is looooooooong.
So, i really fell in love for this jsks and i wanted it for winter events (we should have a tea party at the beginning of next year)

I wanted it in this precise color, but it was out of stock (sigh) so i ordered it in brown.
Brown is okay too, i wanted a brow/cream/beige outfit, so i'm working on this, getting the thigh, hair accessory, and everything needed for this outfit....while waiting for the jsk.
I would love wear it and show you how it look on me but...i ordered it on november the 5th, and it has not even arrived yet to the shopping service :(

So...i feel a bit unlucky with this jsk.

Another dress/jsk i really wanna get is a classic/country, something with flowers, like this

 perfect for spring and summer, picnic and when my bf takes me to his family countryside.

LBC blogs:

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


I can't take it anymore!
I wanna show you what i ordered and i'm waiting to arrive.

in black

If all works fine i'll do another order in January.

It's frustrating waiting for my packages to arrive ...very >.<

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Shopping to the handicraft expo

Every hear here in Milan there is a week dedicated to the handicraft and it get organized an exposition to the Rho Expo structure (very big).
there are pavilions for different side of the world and stands for different countries.
It is a great chance to find the Christmas gifts, unique items, clothes and food.
I just love it, and this is just my third time there.

here a short list of what i got for myself :)

English tea cup, my personal cup for tea and milk and caffelatte and whatever i want, it's mine mine mine!

A new hairband (yes! another! \^.^/ )

An elegant hat

Some cute socks and a pair of thights

Friday, 7 December 2012

Brownish-red velvet ribbon

Here last hairband i made, it is a bit different from the previous

This time i used velvet and so i could't just fix it with the glue, but i had to sew it with the sewing machine then slide the bare metal hairband inside the form i made.
Same for the bow i had to hand sew it to give it the shape and to fix it on the hairband.
The result is not perfect or professional but still nice ..i think :)

And the pic lies about the color, it is dark red

Thursday, 6 December 2012


No idea how it works yet...
but here it is!

So if you want to ask me a questio....
You can do here...there..and on Tumblr!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Larp! Vampires the Masquerade season 2012

Finally some pics of the last 2 vampires live!
This time a lolita friend of mine, started her character and joined the chronicle :D
We are already playng D&D together and she decided to try larping with me!

Nothing left to say, enjoy the pics ^^

I have such a silly face here lol

I'm in lolita, if somebody is wondering, but that is just a copy of a replica(so u can guess the quality) that i use to larp, i got it at a very cheap price i didn't know it was a replica until i saw the original.
I think you can see a clear lolita influence in our vampires outfit ^^