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Friday, 14 December 2012

LBC: Your favorite dress

As you should already know, I'm still working on my loltia base wardrobe.
I do a small order every month, but the delivery is looooooooong.
So, i really fell in love for this jsks and i wanted it for winter events (we should have a tea party at the beginning of next year)

I wanted it in this precise color, but it was out of stock (sigh) so i ordered it in brown.
Brown is okay too, i wanted a brow/cream/beige outfit, so i'm working on this, getting the thigh, hair accessory, and everything needed for this outfit....while waiting for the jsk.
I would love wear it and show you how it look on me but...i ordered it on november the 5th, and it has not even arrived yet to the shopping service :(

So...i feel a bit unlucky with this jsk.

Another dress/jsk i really wanna get is a classic/country, something with flowers, like this

 perfect for spring and summer, picnic and when my bf takes me to his family countryside.

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  1. (Non so se scriverti in italiano oppure in inglese XD vada per la seconda, giusto perché così almeno se qualcun'altra legge può partecipare alla discussione, dai ;))

    °_° It really is a pain when you wait for SO long for a dress...and since I've ordered an Infanta JSK I hope to see it soon >_<
    I really don't know why they need ONE FUXXIN' MONTH (or more) to sew a dress <_<''''
    I should be used to this, but no matter how much time I've been into lolita (and online shopping in general, it's since four years!!) I still can't stand to wait >_<''
    ...Oh well. I guess I'll never learn this lesson XD :P I'm impatient èwé
    Next frontier for italian lolis is to have a lolita shop in every city...*a girl can dream* XD

    1. Ciao! Penso che le altre visitatrici , benché poche, apprezzeranno l'inglese XD , grazie mille eheh.
      I can't understand too, why it keep that long...I wonder why they don't have something ready that just need to be eventually fixed....I'm waiting news from the shopping service, they were asking to SP if something wrong. I bet I'll get lady sloth skirt before the jsk =/

  2. I really like that first jsk, its super elegant! <3

    1. Yeah i hope to be able to build a good outfit around it ^^