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Friday, 30 November 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: DIY gift ideas

What a great topic for this time of the year!
We are all in turmoil 'cause Christmas gifts!
Let's start to explain what DIY means, for those who has not english as first language as me ( i had to google it!)

We know many lolita girls loves to craft!
I've been lucky 'cause i was already crafting a gift for a friend of mine.

My idea is an hairband.
I got some plain metal hairband from etsy (it took quite long to arrive, next time i'm gonna buy in europe to get faster delivery).

I used water based glue, ribbons and lace (and some fantasy!)
I'm making some hairbands for me, one for a friend of mine and one for my bf nephew.
This is the one i made for me, is very simple especially 'cause was the first one i did try.

And this is the one i made for my friend.

The others are not ready yet, i'm very busy with the sewing lessons, the rpg, the live rpg and job and gym and...ohhhh....i need to sleep! ahahah

I also have been commissioned for another one, always as Christmas present, from a friend who saw the last one i made.
And i'm happy about that, 'cause that means they liked it :)

Please if you have any hint about this (or about my english) feel free to let me know, i'm always willing to learn!

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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Shopping at the office!

Today we had this event to the office where was organized a show room in an empty office at the floor 8.

There was fred Perry, Woolrich, Gant , and some others.
We had discounts from 30% to 50%.
I've seen some nice sweaters and blouses...

But still the prices were too hight for us! We are just normal people with a quite low salary!
Except for our bosses, all we could do was to look and laugh!

And an hello from some colleagues of mine! <3

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

10 things about me

Waiting for the pics of the last vampire larp....has passed a month and all i got are 2 pics of me and other 5 random pics out of i'm not really sotisfied nor i got what i need to make a little post about the live, but i guess i will do it anyway this evening if i get time.
This saturday we have another Vampire larp session and this time i'm gonna get pic by myself :)
The official photgrapher got a very cool cam and all the equip is not his job so he get very lazy to publish them cause he got other things to do, and i can understand it.
But i need the pics :)

Moving over...
I wonder if there is anything you want to know about me, now i got to (WOW) 25 followers (thank you!!) this is first blog i own after long long time and my old blogs were in italian (except one about an online game).
So..since i don't know if there is anything you wondering about me...i'll just reply to random, and probably totally uselsess, quests tha just pop in my mind! YAY!

1.When was last time you drunk coke?
I don't remember at all because i stop drinking coke since about 1 year, i think i tasted some coke from my bf couple of weeks ago.

2.What is your shoes number?
Thats depends from shoes.
Converse is 37, pupms and heels 35/36, boots 37.

3.How tall are you?
I'm not tall...i'm short! i'm 152cm short.

4. Apple or Android?
Android forever <3

5.How many pc do you own?
I own 1 desktop that is mine, 1 desktop i gave to my bf when we moved together, 1 desktop so old is hiding behind a door and needs a new power supply, and 1 laptop.
My bf also own a netbook so my home is full of pc.

6.What is your natural hair color?
.....I don't know anymore :(
I did always dye my hair since i was teenager and i thought i was dark brown almost black, this is why i did dye blak in the last years, but when i saw roots last week it did seem light brown...(or it was just cause white hair?! OMG!)

7.Do you have brothers or sisters?
I have a big brother he is married and has a sweet little baby who has my father name.

8.What are you going to do for Christmas?
I'm going to my family place, because i live 700km away and i only see them twice a year

9.And for new year?
I don't know yet O_O

10.Your favourite color?

I think 10 is enough !
Wow such an useless post ahahah!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Milan Japanese school festival

Every year the only japanese school in milan, open the gate to let visitors in for the yearly festival.
The entrance is free, and once inside you can buy food and drinks.

The queue to get just one of the typical food sold at the festival

You can pay to try a kimono and get a pic with it.
There are typical games, and a lottery, they makes some typical shows, also about how to make food.



Book Market

The entrance

We saw so many kids half italian half japanese and they look absolutely adorable *_*

Friday, 23 November 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: 5 themed meetup ideas

Ohhh this week is an hard topic....
FIVE ideas...let's see....

Crossover dressup
When we were at Lucca, some of us went to have dinner together as an official community event.
There, between a laugh and another, we spoke about the idea of a crossover dress up in lolita with a different trend.
For example:

LoL sorry i made this with paint in 1 minute

This would be hilarious.

Cooking contest

Yeah a meeting where, who wants, can partecipate to a contest and cook a pie or cake or a sweet.
And in the end all those cakes can be eaten by the lolitas who will vote for the tasty one or the cutest one, and there could be a prize.

Iceskate (or just skate)

Lot of fun and cuteness, and even if somebody is not good at skating (i grew up in a place with no ice and no snow so i can just "normal" kate) it's a good opportunity to learn!
And after skating a good hot chololate!

Picnic forever!

I LOVE picnic, i would do a picnic everyday.....uhm....every weekend maybe.
As a theme for food i'd say an healty/natural one, so lot of seasonal food and fruits.
I don't care if is not original, i can't exclude a  picnic! <3

Play your favorite book's character

The meeting could be based on a single book and everybody could re-interpet (sorry i don't know if this is the right word) a character of the book.
Or just everybody chose a character from a book and dress up like it in lolita style


* I don't own any of the pic
**Sorry if i missed somebody but i can't access to all the sites from here, will eventually update later.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

My secret unveiled....and some news

Just ONE of my secrets *evil grin*!
This is me to the Gym

Few months ago

The secret I usually hide under a skirt  ... thats doesnt sound good i know...but i'm just talking about my legs!
And especially about my hips.
As you can see my body is far from being perfect, but i would never say i am fat, or something like that, just to moan and play victim, i worked hard just to get here, but still my weak points are legs and hips

My legs will never be like the pic on the right, because my body is not like that, i must sruvive to this and is okay, but  i still want to lose some weight and get thinner hips, i sure can since i'm still overweight of a couple of kg, this mean i can lose from 2 to 5 without any risk.
I'm proud of my muscles, i had not at all since some months ago, but i starte gym in February 2012 and it shows!

Now, some updates:
As you can see on the right i added a calendar, because there are so many events incoming that i wanna track them, and even if i may try to hide you something just to post a surprise, you can spoil something there.

I'm seeing my local lolitas community and planning lot of things with them, it's going to be very fun!

Next week i'm starting some sewing lessons from a friend yay! We are going to make a velveteen lolita skirt, a cupcake petticoat and a victorian skirt, this will go ahead until April.

Still waiting the jsk i ordered from Surface Spell, sigh, i fear won't be here in time for Christmas.

Still waiting pics from last Vampire Larp! Hope to get them soon so i can make a post about it!

That's all for now....

Friday, 16 November 2012

Help me to cutify my office desk!

Hi everybody!
As i said in the previous post, I'd like to make my office desk a cuter place.
Making it more girly, kawaii, sweet, and colorful.
I'd like yuor help in this, i need some idea!
Here is my desk:

A desktop pc, monitor, mouse, telephone etc etc..

From another point of view

Collegues thelephone extention and fun message

left corner
So! How to make this look cute?

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Christmas presents list

I'm not really into Christmas, i'm not going to decorate a christmas tree nor my home.
Last year i did a Christmas dinner on the 24 with my bf and some friends, and on 25 we were at my bf parents home.
But this year i will leave on the 22 to go to my parents home and i will be back on the 26, while my bf will stay here cause he couldn't get days off job :(
Here in Milan, the "family Christmas moment" is on the 25 morning, for lunch, while in Naples is on 24 evening for dinner, and on the 25 morning but in a shorter version (eheheh).
As I said i'm not into Christmas but i like the opportunity to spend some time with family (even if usually we argue about something) or friends.
This year i want to wear something special for the Christmas dinner, i don't know yet if we are going somewhere or having guestes at home, for sure there will be all my family, my mom, dad, brother, his wife and my tiny little cute nephew.
Now back to the point.
Even if i don't care about Christmas i have to buy some presents for people i love and who will probably buy me something ^^
My mom - done
My dad - done
My bro
My sis-in-law - done
My nephew
A new friend
His mom - done
His dad
His bro
His sister

and last but not least, my bf <3<3 i told him to do a wish list on etsy as i did and i will pick something from that list.

I bought something for my mom, dad, sis-in-law and my bf mom, on etsy.
From the same shop and so the seller sent me a present ! :D
I'm waiting it to arrive!

My etsy wish list :
Sidhe Christmas wish list
i'm not linking it to sudjest you to buy me a present! XD
But because maybe you can find some idea for your presents :)

Monday, 12 November 2012

A day in the life of SIDHE! Photo diary (it was for LBC)

Sorry for the delay!
I planned to do it Friday but i had nothing ready and i should have got pics on that day, but i was feeling so ill i really didn't had energy to do it.
And since my usual day are during the week, and weekend are just special days, i had to wait till monday to show you how my day is.
Maybe this is out of topic because is not so just my life, my everyday!
Here we go.
I have 3 different shift to the office, most of the time i have to be there at 9am sometimes at 10am
So i wake up ar 7.40 or 8.40 am and say goodbye to my sweet warm bed and my bf who sometimes is still sleeping, cause he workes on shifts as well.

Most of the time i wake up with both of my cats sleeping next to me ..if not ON me, and i spend few minutes cuddling them.
I could actually wake up 15 minutes later but i need time to cuddle my cats becuase they follow me everywhere.

They usually sits on the washingmachine next to the washbasin and look at me while i wash and get ready, and they like the water flowing expecially the little one, and want to play with it.
When i get eyeline the big one always try to catch it, i can never ever get upset at them cause i love them to much so i laugh for what they do all the time.

When I'm finally ready (and is always too late), i put on my casual coat and clothes and I run to the train station that is just 5 mins waliking from home (and this is why we are looking for a new home always close to the train station, is sooooo nice to wake up late and get to job in time!)

2 or 3 days a week i use to go to the gym after job, as you can see from the pic i have a backpack and the bag so thats mean GYM DAY! <3

My office is in a skyscraper in the citycenter, and the suburban train stops is right under it!
first 8 floors are offices and from 9 to 27 are luxury apartment (even if i would never live in this area...too traffic and the skyscraper is ugly). Here lives some italian tv and sport vips, sometimes we meet them down in the hall or main entrance or at the garage, but i never recognize them because i don't watch tv and i'm not good at physiognomy, and anyway i don't really care about them.

When i get to my desk (i will do a special post about it cause i want some help from you all to cutify it), is time for breakfast, yeah i never do it at home, I never did, i wait till i get to the office. So i order an orangejuice, an empty brioche to the bar at the first floor and while i go get coffee with a spot of milk to the coffee machine in the office, the bar deliver my breakfast to my desk (omg i'm so spoiled i know!!! but i don't order it everyday just 2 or 3 times... XD )
For lunch usually i take food form home, that my lovely bf made for me, and then i catch some colleagues/friends to the restaurant for the coffee.

When the job is done is time for gym.

Usually the gym is on monday,wednesday and sometime friday.
On thuesday we have a gdr session, if we can't meet on thuesday then we do on Thursday.
At least one day a week(or more) i do absolutely nothing after job! XD

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lucca Comics 2012 : Lolita shopping

I forgot to mention the most important shopping i did!
At the gothic lolita stand to the convention there was a little market with the clothes lolita of the community wanted to sell.
So i got this Bodyline skirt for e very friendly price.
I was looking for a floreal/country style skirt or op or jsk since this summer and finally got one.
So there the new piece of my small lolita wardrobe yeeeh!

Ah! Sorry if it is a bit wrinkled but it has been in the suitcase for the trip back home from the convention.
On the sunday , the same day of the lolita pageant, you can see here, we had a dinner out with the community to celebrate the hard work!
I wanted to use right away the (not-so)new skirt.
This was my outfit for the night.

I'm also wearing a pendant it is not showing very good in this pic, but you can find here the detail, and the handmade lace hairband 

No pics of the dinner with the lolita community we were all too busy to eat and relax after a very hard day of work :)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Handmade jewel box

Since i keep buying accessories for my outfits i've run out of space where tu keep them all safe from cats.
Since the cute jewel boxs i like are alwase too expensive i decide to make my own from a shoe box with decoupage technique.
What you need is
Scissors, cutter, water based glue, a box, decoupage paper, lucid paint, big cheap paintbrush, something to decore the box

Just cut paper for each side of de box except inside and under (if you want you can cover the whole box lid with the paper but i liked how that yellow looked with the paper so i let it to show a bit), you should end having 5 paper sheet, one for the lid and 4 for the sides.
Cut them a little bigger then the exact measures.

Pour a some glue on the side you want to cover with the paper and apply it all over the side with the paintbrush go down the corner a bit too.

 Then lay down carefully the papper looking to not leave any fold.

After you did cover all the sides let it to dry a bit, about 30 minutes and then apply the lucid paint with the paintbrushes you previously washed (just need water and soap).
You can glue many adornment just using water based glue as well.

 I think this paper and the color the box already had, match perfectly and it is very cute :)

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Lucca Comics 2012 : Shopping time

Here a short view of my shopping.
I didn't buy many things, i wasn't looking for any comics beside numbers of Nana i'm missing but i'm not investing lot of money in comics lately because i need to chose where to spend them....not enough money for everything :)

(luckly my bf bought some comics ;) )


A kawaii macarons shaped gadget for my smartphone

A kawaii spoon with cream pendant

A small plastic kawaii bento box with black cat (oh yeah i love black cats)

And a new skelanimal for my little collection <3

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Lucca Comics 2012 : Gothic Lolita events

The day finally arrived and i was excited.
I woke up at 9.30 am, after turning off the alarm a couple of time, then when i had the strenght to check the time on my cellphone i found an sms from a lolita friend asking me to go there early cause they needed help.
It was planned i had to be there at 1pm, she was asking me to be there for 10.30 am...and OMG it was impissible.
So wake up bf, dress up in lolita, cause i was going to be at the stand for long time, better to be dressed up properly!
Even running i couldn't get to there before 12am!
At the stand all the events were going on, cute me up, hairstyle, nailart, and the market, it was crowded!

I started doing makeup for the girls who were participating to the pageant, it was nice be part of all of this and helping the community.

Even if i didn't take part to the final show i felt like i was there with them

There are many more pics , just go look here FLICKR