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Friday, 23 November 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: 5 themed meetup ideas

Ohhh this week is an hard topic....
FIVE ideas...let's see....

Crossover dressup
When we were at Lucca, some of us went to have dinner together as an official community event.
There, between a laugh and another, we spoke about the idea of a crossover dress up in lolita with a different trend.
For example:

LoL sorry i made this with paint in 1 minute

This would be hilarious.

Cooking contest

Yeah a meeting where, who wants, can partecipate to a contest and cook a pie or cake or a sweet.
And in the end all those cakes can be eaten by the lolitas who will vote for the tasty one or the cutest one, and there could be a prize.

Iceskate (or just skate)

Lot of fun and cuteness, and even if somebody is not good at skating (i grew up in a place with no ice and no snow so i can just "normal" kate) it's a good opportunity to learn!
And after skating a good hot chololate!

Picnic forever!

I LOVE picnic, i would do a picnic everyday.....uhm....every weekend maybe.
As a theme for food i'd say an healty/natural one, so lot of seasonal food and fruits.
I don't care if is not original, i can't exclude a  picnic! <3

Play your favorite book's character

The meeting could be based on a single book and everybody could re-interpet (sorry i don't know if this is the right word) a character of the book.
Or just everybody chose a character from a book and dress up like it in lolita style


* I don't own any of the pic
**Sorry if i missed somebody but i can't access to all the sites from here, will eventually update later.


  1. A cooking contest, that's such a great idea. :)
    I would love to attend a meetup like that!

  2. The crossover one is awesome! And also the book-character thingie :3

    1. Thank you, i like fun things and those seems to be very fun XD

  3. The crossover one actually sounds really fun and creative. I would want to be a hipster-loli.

    1. Yeah there are so many styles you can cross! :D