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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lucca Comics 2012 : Lolita shopping

I forgot to mention the most important shopping i did!
At the gothic lolita stand to the convention there was a little market with the clothes lolita of the community wanted to sell.
So i got this Bodyline skirt for e very friendly price.
I was looking for a floreal/country style skirt or op or jsk since this summer and finally got one.
So there the new piece of my small lolita wardrobe yeeeh!

Ah! Sorry if it is a bit wrinkled but it has been in the suitcase for the trip back home from the convention.
On the sunday , the same day of the lolita pageant, you can see here, we had a dinner out with the community to celebrate the hard work!
I wanted to use right away the (not-so)new skirt.
This was my outfit for the night.

I'm also wearing a pendant it is not showing very good in this pic, but you can find here the detail, and the handmade lace hairband 

No pics of the dinner with the lolita community we were all too busy to eat and relax after a very hard day of work :)


  1. Mi piacciono molto sia la gonna in sé sia come l'hai combinata!

    1. Grazie! In realtà ho pochissime cose adatte al lolita, ci sto lavorando!