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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Lucca Comics 2012 : Gothic Lolita events

The day finally arrived and i was excited.
I woke up at 9.30 am, after turning off the alarm a couple of time, then when i had the strenght to check the time on my cellphone i found an sms from a lolita friend asking me to go there early cause they needed help.
It was planned i had to be there at 1pm, she was asking me to be there for 10.30 am...and OMG it was impissible.
So wake up bf, dress up in lolita, cause i was going to be at the stand for long time, better to be dressed up properly!
Even running i couldn't get to there before 12am!
At the stand all the events were going on, cute me up, hairstyle, nailart, and the market, it was crowded!

I started doing makeup for the girls who were participating to the pageant, it was nice be part of all of this and helping the community.

Even if i didn't take part to the final show i felt like i was there with them

There are many more pics , just go look here FLICKR


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