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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Handmade jewel box

Since i keep buying accessories for my outfits i've run out of space where tu keep them all safe from cats.
Since the cute jewel boxs i like are alwase too expensive i decide to make my own from a shoe box with decoupage technique.
What you need is
Scissors, cutter, water based glue, a box, decoupage paper, lucid paint, big cheap paintbrush, something to decore the box

Just cut paper for each side of de box except inside and under (if you want you can cover the whole box lid with the paper but i liked how that yellow looked with the paper so i let it to show a bit), you should end having 5 paper sheet, one for the lid and 4 for the sides.
Cut them a little bigger then the exact measures.

Pour a some glue on the side you want to cover with the paper and apply it all over the side with the paintbrush go down the corner a bit too.

 Then lay down carefully the papper looking to not leave any fold.

After you did cover all the sides let it to dry a bit, about 30 minutes and then apply the lucid paint with the paintbrushes you previously washed (just need water and soap).
You can glue many adornment just using water based glue as well.

 I think this paper and the color the box already had, match perfectly and it is very cute :)


  1. How cute and simple! I like your idea.

    My problem is not having now wear to put things. My issue is not having anywhere to set the things I but to put other things in ^^; I have run out of space for my space saving devices...

    1. I'm occupying my bf space too XD poor guy.
      This is why we want a bigger home eheheh

  2. Bella! Mia madre mi butta sempre via le scatole da scarpe e invece sono così utili...anche solo per le scarpe!

    1. questa l'ho tenuta proprio per questo scopo, il mio ragazzo pure butta tutto, perché non abbiamo spazio...l'ho tenuta nascosta O_O