Google+ Sidhe banshee: January 2013

Friday, 25 January 2013


I was reading back, when i wrote about the so kawaii pose , it is in use for legs, coming from japan, but used in all the world too.
I want to add something, 'cause i don't want it to seem racist.
I think that pose is silly.
It can be cute, but when is too marked it just you have problem.
It doesnt matter where are you from, i just don't like that pose so much,a bit is ok but not when it makes you look odd...
that's all.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Review: Surface Spell JSK

It finally arrived.
I can't believe it took more then 2 months.
I ordered it on november the 9th, and it just arrived on january the 17th.

I used Loli-loli Paradise as shopping service for the second time and i can just confirm her professionality, she always reply to my messages and gives me news about the status.
And no customs duties.

Perfect package, and when i did open it a little box fell off.

Inside this box i found 2 presents, a neckalce and a choker

I don't know if they came from Surface Spell (to apologize for the long time waiting) or from Loli-loli Paradise, but i really appreciate it.
I need accessories for my outfits.
Back to the JSK.

It is really pretty, BUT.... the bow on the shoulder and on the down end of the dress are heavy, they seems made of plastic, so i will change them with some bow made of satin.
The waist is a bit too hight and so the dress feels like being a little too short.
But in the complex it fits me good and looks pretty, the velvet is good too.
And i also found this with the dress

to conclude, for all the time i had to wait i deduct a point.
For the heavy bows and so and so measures i deduct another point.
But i add half point for the presents

so in the end it is

I'm gonna try again to buy something from Surface Spell 'causa i really like their dresses, i hope it will go better next time and they will be faster!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Not an usual lolita party?

what do you expect when you go out at nigth with your lolita friends?
Tea and cookies?!

No way!

It was Anna birthday and we went out for dinner, with other friends of her, and boyfriends.
After dinner we went to the club where she works, to drink and dance.
We voted for a theme, and the winner was pirate (mostly because i voted for it not having anything else in my wardrobe for the others proposed themes!)

Such a great party!

This was my outfit

All off brand, and the skirt is hand made with the Great-Super help of a friend of mine (more like i helped her doing it!)

Friday, 18 January 2013

LBC: If i had a lolita themed cafe

I'm so sorry i did not take part to the last LBC topics, but i just wasn't in the mood.
But let's just go ahead.

This new topic seems really nice!
So i went on the sims and build my cafe!

I would just call it Sidhe's probably, or something similar.

It would have a classic style, and i would build the ambient to give a sense of peace and elegance.

Of course people who works there should be dressed in lolita, victorian or steampunk style, i would try to talk tho everybody and make the work nice and fair for everybody.

I would serve cakes, sweets, cookies, pies, and so on, but i would also give the opportunity to eat healty, with fresh fruit, vegetables, fresh fish, but all served in a way that looks pretty, so would be a pleasure to eat that too.
There would be tea and coffee, but also soft drink and cocktails.
Free wi-fi, books to read and games to play!

My wedding dress




Crying :(

Sunday, 6 January 2013

My relaxing weekend

I really needed such a good weekend.
I had good time with friends, it was full of cute things to see, good food to eat, laughs and smiles.
Friday we went out with a friend of us, now living in Canada, her bf, and another couple friend of us.

Saturday as i said, we had a great afternoon, with lolitas.
And today, Sunday, we went to see an home we could buy.
After that we gave a look around to some shops and i FINALLY found the picnic basket i was looking for!

Now i just need a flower dress and the end of the winter!

After that we went to  the place where we are going to have our wedding party to organize things.
And on the way back we were quite hungry and we did stop to a wonderful pastry shop

I hope all this gives me the strength to face the incoming week.

Love <3 Sidhe

Saturday, 5 January 2013


Hi everybody!
I'm sorry about my absence..but life is...complicate..lately.
And even if i'm doing many things and seeing lot of people, i'm not in the mood to take pics and write posts.
It's already hard to enjoy those moment trying to forget the troubles.

Anyway, today i met some local lolitas and the admin of our community forum who was living here but moved in another town, not sure how log ago.
We went to a japanese restaurant, there were also our bfs, and after, we went to have a walk around the city.
Until we stop to a very cute pastry shop/tea room, to check if it was a right place to organize a meeting.
And it is veeery nice, and they do very tasty pastry, cookies, cake cupcakes and lot of teas, but unluckly it is too small.

But we could enjoy the sweetes and the tea!

And we spoke about the next events organization.

That's all for now, i hope to have soon good news and to get back in a good mood so i can start enjoying things and post about that.