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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Not an usual lolita party?

what do you expect when you go out at nigth with your lolita friends?
Tea and cookies?!

No way!

It was Anna birthday and we went out for dinner, with other friends of her, and boyfriends.
After dinner we went to the club where she works, to drink and dance.
We voted for a theme, and the winner was pirate (mostly because i voted for it not having anything else in my wardrobe for the others proposed themes!)

Such a great party!

This was my outfit

All off brand, and the skirt is hand made with the Great-Super help of a friend of mine (more like i helped her doing it!)


  1. che party figo *w*/!
    Noi qui siam pochine per poter organizzare cose del genere, uff ç_ç'!

    1. Già, mi considero molto fortunata infatti. =)