Google+ Sidhe banshee: May 2013

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Another secret about Italian community

I think the secrets are quite fun!

After more then a month, there are still secrets about the teaparty.
I'd say a great success (as long as they talk, good or bad, it is always fame, isn't it? :P ).
I know there are girls who got upset about those secrets, but i really don't care.
It might be because nobody said anything bad about me, but honestly i dont't think it would be a tragedy if they did, or if somebody will do.

Back to the point now, this secret:
The one who posted it, says that we are boring because we all wear classic outfit, all but the 4 girls in the light dots.
2 of them are gothic, one is called pirate, but she actually was gothic too, just to clarify it.
the last one is a sweet lolita, but the odd thing is, that on her side there is another girl in sweet lolita, and she is very cute, but she was tagged as classic.
Is it cause she is not in pink or mint ?
Or because is not wearing a wig?

About the classic outfits.
For me, I like dressing in classic, i'm not a kid and i don't want to go around dressed like a...kid, sweet lolita is just not my style.
I wear lolita to go to the job, to go out with friends, and i like to be elegant or casual.
I may tend to gothic if I, perhaps, go to some kind of club to dance, or punk, but at the moment my wardrobe is still very little.
And about the elegance:
the enviroiment where the party was hosted was an elegant antique dwelling, so of course many dressed up in classic.
last years, the meeting was to the Genova acquarium with a walk on a pirate boat, so guess what was the main theme of the outfist?

Anyway, please keep talking about us ^^
I get so much fun!

Love love from a boooring old granny <3

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Romantic Remembrance Gala

Finally after all the lazyness, i decided to post something about the Gala.
The weather was TRAGIC.
Rain, wind, cold.
The tables for dinner were on the outside and we had to eat with our coats on, i was freezing.
The place was beauty but i couldn't really enjoy it because tho cold.

Monday, 13 May 2013

I'm still here!

I want to apologize about my absence, to all those who follows me officially and to those who came to give a look now and then.

I'm being lazy, this is true, because I would have the time to post something, but i get lazy about taking pics, lately.
Soon I will make a post about the Romantic Remembrance Gala with some pics.
I've done many other things with friends, lolita related, vampires related and just fun related.

My wedding is getting sooooo close!
And with it, my travel to Japan YAY! it will be just 10 days plus the days needed for the trip, sigh...i may decide to never get the airplane back ehehehe.

For now, some random pics

To the club

Casual Lolita outfit from last saturday
Thanks all, cya soon!