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Friday, 27 September 2013

LBC: Wardrobe Challenge - Take One Staple Item and Make 5 Different Outfits

Challenge accepted!

That was hard trust me!
My lolita closet is still small, basically i used almost it all, so please forgive me if is not perfect or vary!
This is first time i do something like that.
It was fun anyway!

The item i chose is Melissa JSK from Innocent World, in beige.

♥ Outfit number 1, and probably my favourite and also the best one

♥ Outfit numer 2, i like it in borwn but I'm not sure about the tights

♥ Outfit number 3, In pink it look really sweet

♥ Outfit number 4, A serious one?

♥ Outfit numer 5, Winter here we go!

Phew! I can't believe I made it!
I had to use my smartphone to take pics because i couldn't find the cam sd.
I hope to get better and be more professional next time.
Thank you for reading!

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Monday, 23 September 2013

日本への旅 - 5日目 (Trip to Japan - day 5 )

Notably encumbered by all the shopping we leave for Kyoto.
On saturday, post offices are closed, so i decide i will surely go on monday for a shipment to Italy since my luggage is full.
To go from Tokyo to Kyoto we take the Shinkansen a surface train, so i can finally see the tipical japanese home, not the big built up area all made by skyscrapers and such, but the small neighborhood and the country side.

Kyoto seems quite compared to Tokyo:
Nobody pushes you running in the subway , and is not croweded.
The weather is warmer, sky is clear and there isn't the muggy wet weather that makes you feel dirty after a few minutes.

We have a walk in the little street near our hotel, we pass the international manga museum, that was closed tho so we couldnt visit it, and the Nijo castle, that will me our destination in the days incoming.

Tired by the travel (it took us around 4 or 5 hours from Tokyo to Kyoto) our day ends having dinner to Gyuzen restaurant, where we try Shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki, you can eat them together because they are similar dishes.

Shabu Shabu: The dish was originally made with thinly sliced beef, but some versions use pork, crab, chicken, duck, or lobster. Most often, ribeye steak is used, but less tender cuts, such as top sirloin, are also common. A more expensive meat, such as wagyū, may also be used. It is usually served with tofu and vegetables, including Chinese cabbage, chrysanthemum leaves, nori (edible seaweed), onions, carrots, shiitake mushrooms and enokitake mushrooms. In some places, udon, mochi or harusame noodles may also be served.
The dish is prepared by submerging a thin slice of meat or a piece of vegetable in a pot of boiling water or dashi (broth) made with konbu (kelp) and stirring it. Cooked meat and vegetables are usually dipped in ponzu or goma (sesame seed) sauce before eating, and served with a bowl of steamed white rice. Once the meat and vegetables have been eaten, leftover broth from the pot is customarily combined with the remaining rice, and the resulting soup is usually eaten last.(from Wikipedia)

Sukiyaki : Like other nabemono dishes, each region has a preferred way of cooking sukiyaki. The key difference is between the western Kansai region and the eastern Kantō region. In Tokyo, the ingredients are stewed in a prepared mixture of soy sauce, sugar, sake and mirin, whereas in Osaka, the meat is first grilled in the pan greased with tallow. After other ingredients are put over these, the liquid is poured into the pan. The shungiku are added when all the ingredients are simmering. A raw egg is broken into a serving bowl, one egg for each person. Some prefer to add a bit of soy sauce and the egg is lightly beaten. The meat and vegetables are dipped into this sauce before being eaten.
It is said to be advisable to place the jelly-noodles away from the beef because the calcium contained in the noodles can toughen meat.(from Wikipedia)

Thanks for reading

Sunday, 8 September 2013

LBC: A piece you haven't worn in a long time, and why you're holding onto it

I know! Has been long time since my last LBC post.
I want to apology, i keep following the other blogs and the group, but i've been so busy with other things, it was hard to find time to post on blog, and sometime I just had no idea what to write about that specific topic.

But when i read the topic for this friday and started to think about it, the idea came into my mind and i wanted to post, but as usual i had no time to do it, thats wny i'm so late.

I was thinking to a dress i was not wearing since long, and at the beginning i thought to the dresses i use to wear in winter, but then I said to myself there were dresses i had never wear yet!
And the one i chose, is the first brand one i got.
Yeah! I bought it and never ever wear it.
Because i was waiting the right moment, silly me!.

I bought it second hand from the italian community forum, and I was very excited being it my first brand piece.
The dress I'm talking about is Fairy Pring JSk by BTSSB

A very old jsk from 2003, but still lovely!

Thinking about that dress i told my self why i was still waiting to wear it.
For a special moment?
Every moment can be special if i want to make it so!
Tehn, i decided to wear it on saturday to go to friend place for having dinner together with other friends too.

I know, no blouse, no socks or tights, but it is still really HOT here.

This is the brooch i found on the ribbon in my Vip bag to frock on....actually i found a white cat but i switched it with a friend of mine who got this one, because it looks like my cat Ichi :)

For the dinner somebody prepared the appetizer, somebody the pasta, somebody else got us the wine, and I made those pancake.

We had lot of fun as usual!

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Frock on! My adventure

There were 8 of us.
Eight woman from Italy to London.
From Bologna and Milano.
In the same apartment for the whole weekend!
And you know what happens when you leave 8 woman...8 LOLITA together alone?!
(and big mess XD ).
I had to leave for London on Friday night after job, and get back on Sunday, because i had to go to job on Monday, it was a very fast trip, sigh!

The place where the event was hos was extra luxury!
Very beautiful .
One Whitehall Place

This pic belongs to Katie O'Course
We were a bit concerned cause we found out there was not going to be any food.
But the place was so beautiful, there were so many shops stand and the secondhand market.

There was a conference room with stis for vips and super vips and a big screen where we could see videos made just for the Frock On event
A very fun one by Deerstalker Pictures

After videso we had a model

then an outfit contest where Michaela Baker and Kyra Kai Xin fought against each other dressing up models in different style.

Michaela is has a greart personality, she is entartaining and made us laugh quite often.
After that there was a break to go eat outside.
It was a nice sunny day and we went to eat to the park, many people asked to take a pic with us, and they all were kind !
An old lady told me, when i was to starback to take my Caffè Mocha, "You are so lovely, lady!"-
AAWWWW it made me happy ahahah!
Actually wasn't so happy about my outfit, nor about my make-up, but is not so easy when you are not at home, i only had hand luggage so i couldn't take everything i could use, with me. And i also forgot some make-up at home.
By the way, here is me!

this pic belongs to....somebodyelse!
Now i don't remember anymore if the contest was before the break or lunch, but when we got back we did some other walking trought the stands and some shopping, and some silly pics.

This pic belongs to Abigail

this pic belongs to Katie O'Course

then we went to sit again (at our vip seat ) for the prize extraction.
Just one of us won a little ring, and nothing else BOOOH .
Ahahaha !
And in the end......

Ykes! I'm so short!