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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Frock on! My adventure

There were 8 of us.
Eight woman from Italy to London.
From Bologna and Milano.
In the same apartment for the whole weekend!
And you know what happens when you leave 8 woman...8 LOLITA together alone?!
(and big mess XD ).
I had to leave for London on Friday night after job, and get back on Sunday, because i had to go to job on Monday, it was a very fast trip, sigh!

The place where the event was hos was extra luxury!
Very beautiful .
One Whitehall Place

This pic belongs to Katie O'Course
We were a bit concerned cause we found out there was not going to be any food.
But the place was so beautiful, there were so many shops stand and the secondhand market.

There was a conference room with stis for vips and super vips and a big screen where we could see videos made just for the Frock On event
A very fun one by Deerstalker Pictures

After videso we had a model

then an outfit contest where Michaela Baker and Kyra Kai Xin fought against each other dressing up models in different style.

Michaela is has a greart personality, she is entartaining and made us laugh quite often.
After that there was a break to go eat outside.
It was a nice sunny day and we went to eat to the park, many people asked to take a pic with us, and they all were kind !
An old lady told me, when i was to starback to take my Caffè Mocha, "You are so lovely, lady!"-
AAWWWW it made me happy ahahah!
Actually wasn't so happy about my outfit, nor about my make-up, but is not so easy when you are not at home, i only had hand luggage so i couldn't take everything i could use, with me. And i also forgot some make-up at home.
By the way, here is me!

this pic belongs to....somebodyelse!
Now i don't remember anymore if the contest was before the break or lunch, but when we got back we did some other walking trought the stands and some shopping, and some silly pics.

This pic belongs to Abigail

this pic belongs to Katie O'Course

then we went to sit again (at our vip seat ) for the prize extraction.
Just one of us won a little ring, and nothing else BOOOH .
Ahahaha !
And in the end......

Ykes! I'm so short!

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