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Friday, 16 August 2013

日本への旅 - 4日目 (Trip to Japan - day 4 )

On day 4 i had to go to the post office to send some stuff to Italy, because even if i left with my luggage almost empity it was now heavly full!

After that we went back to Harajuku where i wanted to go to Bodilyne, i was looking for some shoes.
At the end i bought 2 pair of shoes, 2 of socks, 1 pair of tight.

Since it was not enough yet, i went again to closet child this time to get some presents for my friends, but i also found another pair of socks for me.

We stopped to eat a crepe right down the stairs of bodyline

We gave food to birds!

there, we saw  a park, and we went there for a walk.
We discovered such a beautiful place!

in Harajuku we bought other presents for family and friends, and since i needed an hand luggage for the flight, I got this super cute backpack! (it made me think of my cats that were at home and I almost cried ahahah)

For lunch we went back to Heiroku Sushi, then we took the underground to go to Tokyo station to the character street, that is a zone, under the subway with shops dedicate to certain character, but it was smaller then we thougth and i just remember about Rilakkuma :P

I was very very tired but to make my love happy I followed him searching for a pub with over 70 beers on tap, and he loves beer, home brewed beer.

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