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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Etude Silk Scarf Review

Etude is a Korean brand of beauty product.
Lately they opened the store for occidental customer too.
You can find the online store here

I ordered mine on ebay cause the online shop wasn't opened yet.
There are many silk scarf product, the one i used is the hair treatment

Lets say that this is not a cure for your hair, so is not something that is going to invigorate or rebuild your hair.
When you wash your hair without using it, they willbe your usual  hair.
But when you use the silk scarf, you can actually feel the difference.
They are soft, easy to comb and look very beautiful.
I use it just for special event and i must say I really love it.

So would I recommend it?
Absolutely yes

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Back in Loli-action

Hello everybody!
I'm back!
My pregnancy ended on September the 7th and i gave born to my biggest love Mattia.

So when i was told that a meeting was going to happen i was so happy!
Finally a chance to wear lolita again, yay!

Sadly even if i lost 10kg i still have the belly, it won't go totally away before 6 or 12 months.
So i can't wear many dresses and skirt I own, but there are a few that already fit me.

Me, my husband and my little one, yesterday got ready to spend the whole day out.
Yeah my husband helped me, he is a great daddy and a great husband.

This was my outfit, very simple cause i didn't had time to try many things, newborns takes away all your time ;)

The dress is one from the last IW happy pack,  you ca see the post here .
And i was not the only Loli mommy, also a friend of the lolita community who had a little girl 4 months ago came to the meeting!
Has been so cool!

We did sit close so we could share our experience without disturbing too much the other lolitas with the little ones that woke up now and then.
I was a bit afraid to take the baby with me, because he could be annoying for somebody, but actually all the girls were so nice with us, I enjoied the lunch and the company <3

Thanks to everybody!
And especially to my husband that take me to the meeting and helped (as always!) with the baby.

I'm an happy and proud mommy

Friday, 1 August 2014

Birthday present finally delivered

My birthday has been in June.
And even if i'm married and about to have a baby, my parents still gives me presents (why should they not!? XD) but since years they prefer just give me money so I can buy whatever I want.
And my pick has been a new pair of shoes for lolita.

After 2 months from my birthday (but I actually ordered them less then 1 month ago) they finally arrived, YAY!

Got them from my Taobao shopping service, Loli-loli paradise, you can find her on Facebook.

I, honestly have no clue about the brand name, because she said "random shoes factory" and inside the shoes there is just a written that says LOLITA.

I find them very cute, and this color is a soft pink good for classic style, they are soft and seems to be comfortable, but can't really say until I try them for an outfit (I plan to use them to go to the one to Paris in February/March 2015)

Inside the shoes package there was also a present!



Tuesday, 22 July 2014

IW Happy Pack 2014 - Opening

It arrived very soon!
Yesterday morning was already here, but I could't open it until the evening and I was so excited!

I always use Celga as shopping service, cause they always do a great job!
They answer to all my questions and are always very kind.

I was a little scared about what was inside, because for how i love IW, not all their dresses are suit for me, and i don't like all the kind of prints, plus i was scared to find just one dress and other "useless" things.
But I think, I've been very lucky!
I found 3 OPs

Star Chiffon Half Sleeved OP

Even if they are all black I like them all so much I can't wait to wear them!
I could find only one of those on Lolibrary, so if anybody can help to name those OP i would be grateful.

I also got a bolero that matches with all the dresses.

It is so pretty!

And lastly a tote bag

I'm very satisfied about this HP!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Innocent World - Antique Tartan Skirt for SALE

New without tag, never worn.

Color: Green
Waist: 58-73 cm
Length 63 cm

65 euro + ss+ paypal fee (I only accept Paypal)

Sunday, 13 July 2014

WTF Selfie?!

It always happens to me to look at the mirror and to think "yeah i look pretty enough" but then when i take a selfie it doesn't reflect what i see....

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Friday, 11 July 2014

30 day photography challenge: Day 6 From a low angle

This time i only have one single pic!
And is me and my huge belly, I'm 32 weeks in this pic, and i took it last week.

Luckly my face is blurred cause i was just out the shower, my hair were a mess and no make-up.
And i look retarded ehehehe

Monday, 7 July 2014

All my face's beauty products - tips for oily skin

Yesterday I decided to tidy up the mirror container in the toilet where i have all my beauty products.
And reorganized it separating every product for the function it has.
So i noticed how many things i have for my face!
Lets see how (and if) I use them
There we go:


- Sulfur soap
It is recommended for oily skins, with its astringent and refreshing properties, acts on acne and points blacks, narrowing the pores.
Do not wash your face more then twice per day with this soap.
And once a week i use the rough side of the sponge, together with the soap, as exfoliating.

Can find it in any herbalist's shop, quite cheap price.


- 1 Face mask mud of Mar Morto (Bottega Verde)
 recommended for combination and oily skins, with Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Bromine and Sodium.
Cleanses thoroughly, it is also ideal for a revitalizing dull skin.
I find it very refreshing so i use it also to narrowing pores.
I used it once a week, but now I just use the day before and event where i need to use lot of make-up to clean my skin and make it look good.
This is also a product you can get from herbalist's shop and is cheap.

- 2 Glycolic Acid Peel Off Face Mask (Bottega Verde)
This one can be used for every type of skins, Eliminates impurities and dead cells from the skin surface using the action exfoliating glycolic acid.
I do apply it after a warm shower or after using warm water on my face or hot steam, to enlarge pores.
So the mask can penetrate better the pores and clean them deeply, after that i was my face with cold water to narrow pores again.
As the one before I used once a week, but now juat when i need to clean my skin before applying make-up for a big event.
This is also a product you can get from herbalist's shop and is cheap.

- 3 Wander pore White Clay Clear (Etude)
I just report what they say on the official website: Pore adhension + Pore cleansing +Soften texture + even tone + hydrating - Pore care mask for clean and clear skin with white clay , rice bran and grain powder.
I found it hepful for oily skins, it clean and revitalize my skin, giving it a better color and a better look, it is very refreshing and narrows pores, but i need to apply a moisturizing cream, cause it can leave my skin a bit too dry.
I use it a couple of time a month and as the mask before I do apply it after enlarging my pores with warm water or steam for a deeper cleaning.
Price is medium also cause it can't be found in Italy so it is needed to be shipped.


- 1 facial tonic with extracts of cucumber (Bottega verde)
For combination skins to use after washing the face.
rebalancing the skin and eliminates the unsightly shiny effect. The cucumber extracts tightens pores and normalize skin.
It also contains Zinc, sebum-balancing, Burdock extract, astringent and purifying.
Price is cheap

- 2 Clarifying toning lotion (REN)
For combination skins, a refreshing lotion, exfoliant that opens pores and removes dead skin, leaving the complexion clear, smooth and even. Reduces the size of pores and oiliness surface, while its antimicrobial action reduces the possible future eruption of the skin.
Always to use after washing the face
Price is medium

- 3 Clarifying Lotion (Clinique)
It was part of a set of 3 products combinations, soap, lotion and cream.
The soap and the cream were just a sample Format.
The lotion free the skin surface from any form of desquamation and skin reveals a fresher and more vital.
softens fine lines, to help the skin look younger, longer.
It should not contain alcohol but i found my skin red-ish after using it, so I stopped.
Price is expensive.

I usually forgot to use tonics for montsh and months and i remember only when my skin is irritated

Anti ageing

- 1 HYDROTENSEUR concentrated drops (Rilastil)
Just bought it and used only once so can't say alot, gonna rewrite what the official website says:
Suitable for all skin types, thanks to hyaluronic acid and ceramides fills in wrinkles, hydrates and repairs the skin, giving the face a smooth and compact. He is also an antioxidant, increases cell turnover and the production of collagen type I.
I don't really need it, but we use to say "prevention is better than cure" so I'm going to use it once or twice per week.
Price is expensive

- 2 INTENSIVE eye Cream (rilastil)
Specific treatment for wrinkle and moisturizing the eye area. Impedes the formation of bags and dark circles.
I use it almost everyday and must say I love it.
That area around the eyes looks so much better, a better and healthy color and feels refreshed and compact.
Price is medium/high

- 3 Bio retinoid anti-ageing concetrate (REN)
This is the one i used for over two year, but now the bottle is empty.
It is very oily and moisturizing, used always after washed my face and before going to sleep around my lips and eyes especially, with a soft massage.
it smells very good and i found it working fine with my expression wrinkles (like when you smile) if used consistently.
Price is very expensive

- 4 3D Filler (KIKO)
is a treatment to correct and camouflage wrinkles instantly. If used consistently fills the signs of aging, prevents oxidative stress and gives the face a more youthful appearance and smooth.
It should be used on daytime but i find it way too oily so I almost never use it.
Price is medium

- 5 Invisible 3D lifting (KIKO)
is a serum for the face referred to as shock treatment before important events, giving immediate freshness to the face and optimizing duration and yield of make up.
As it says i only use it before and event the moment when i have to apply make-up, around the lips and the eyes
Price is medium

- 6 Total effect 7 in one Day cream (Oil of Olaz - Olay)
Just bought it so lets see what the official website says:
Olay Total Effects fights the 7 signs of skin aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dark spots, uneven texture, dryness, dullness and pores. Packed with niacinamide which makes skin younger-looking.
It also protect from UVA and UVB the main causes of sjin aging.
I needed an everyday mosturizing anti-ageing cream.
And I'm going to buy the night cream aswell
Price is medium/low

Thank you all for reading and I hope you found some good tips here!

Monday, 30 June 2014

Rococo Soul blouse review

I ordered this blouse last April.
The shopping service told me it was going to be a long wait.
40 days to be ready to ship, plus 30 days, about for the package to be here.

In the end it took a few more then 2 months, but since I'm pregnant I was okay with it, and I really think the blouse worth the waiting.


The quality, for the little i understand, seems quite hight to me.
The details are awesome

And it got a second layer on the body to prevent the transparency

So on a scale fro 1 to 5 i give to this blouse a 5+

Here the link to Rococo Soul shop on Taobato

Rococo Soul 

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Innocent World Happy Pack 2014

I think has been out for about 2 weeks.
I noticed it at the beginning of last week, around June the 17th, and i was very excited.

But the website was not working, I could get to the HP page only via a web search but not from the IW website, cause the online shop was not working.
I contacted my shopping service right away, so that they could start working on the order, But I had to wait until the website started working again.
IW was updating it, now is quite different.
Size S and L were already sold out, luckly i usually wear size M (i hope it will still be the same after childbirth)
And I finally managed to get my order done!
So now I'm waiting for it, it will be send at the beginning of July, so prolly I'll have it at the end of August or September.

This is an example of what you can find inside

It is all sold out now.
No clue if IW will release any other LP or HP

Monday, 23 June 2014

A little correction about my Google Plus

I noticed i had still linked the old profile I'm no longer using.
So i corrected it with the main profile using at the moment for everything google related.

I would be very happy if you add me there <3

Thursday, 19 June 2014

30 day photography challenge: Day 5 From a high angle

A photo from an high angle can have different interpretations.
So since, as usual, I can't chose just one, I'm gonna post 2 different interpretations.

First one is a selfie

An high angle helps to looks thinner and younger!
You can't almost see my belly!
How old do i look like?

The second pic is from an high angle over the lake where we spent some relaxing vacation, this is the view of our residence swimming pool, close to the Garda lake

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

People like that!

I must say that i know somebody who loves secrets and did post something but then get very upset if a secret happens to involve her.
I have never posted a secret yet, nor i received one....( i was involved in a group one but i was the one looking OK ).
I don't think i would get upset, but who knows...

What about you? ever got a secret?
Got upset?
Do you know people who submitted secrets and got upset when found out there was a secret about her?

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Monday, 2 June 2014

A lolita transformation

I wish it was that easy!

How long does it take to you to get all dressed up in lolita?
Usually for casual look i need lets say 1h and half, or 2.
But for events it may take longer!
Sometimes i start the day before preparing my skin, hair and nails.
I kinda love it, but sometimes the time runs too fast and I get late to the appointment!

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

30 Days phoyography challenge: Day 4 Something green

The green color reminds me of the nature and the plant.
So i took a pic of our green corner

Actually, it is my husband, green corner, i really don't have a green thumb, all plants i had died miserably v_v

We wanted so much an home with a backyard or a small garden, but all we could get was an home with a shared courtyard and so we placing the plant we can in our alleyway.
We have a tomato plants (but no tomatoes yet), mint, bonsai....and something else ...but i don't know what it is !
on the other side we also have a climbing plant called vite canadese (canadian vine?), that i use as a photoset, like here

that plant is growing quite fast, and in autumn the leaves will turn all red.

thanks for reading!

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Monday, 26 May 2014

What is your "lolita" name?

I don't have a "lolita" name.
Sidhe Banshee was picked long ago to use for my online characters for mmorpg.
Almost every character is called like this or some distortion, when Sidhe is not available.
And how did you pick your nick-name?

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Friday, 23 May 2014

30 Days phoyography challenge: Day 3 clouds

I took a few clouds pics and i can't just pick one, so i'm posting them all!

This is the one we took from the airplain flying to Vienna

Took this one while going to Bologna to meet friends, this sky is almost a "cielo a pecorelle" (sheep sky) because the clouds looks like sheep's whool.
And in Italy we use to say "cielo a pecorelle, acqua a catinelle" that google translate for me as mackerel sky with rain water.

This one, same day, on the way back home

We had a very nice day, indeed.

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