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Thursday, 29 May 2014

30 Days phoyography challenge: Day 4 Something green

The green color reminds me of the nature and the plant.
So i took a pic of our green corner

Actually, it is my husband, green corner, i really don't have a green thumb, all plants i had died miserably v_v

We wanted so much an home with a backyard or a small garden, but all we could get was an home with a shared courtyard and so we placing the plant we can in our alleyway.
We have a tomato plants (but no tomatoes yet), mint, bonsai....and something else ...but i don't know what it is !
on the other side we also have a climbing plant called vite canadese (canadian vine?), that i use as a photoset, like here

that plant is growing quite fast, and in autumn the leaves will turn all red.

thanks for reading!

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