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Thursday, 8 May 2014

30 Days phoyography challenge: Day 1 self-portrait

Hello everybody!
Since i'm quite off from lolita because of my cubic shape, I decided to join this challenge even if i'm not a photographer, and most of the pics will be taken from my cellphone (but i hope my husband will take some pics with the reflex too).

Day one: Self-portrait
I took this pic cause i did cut my fringe by my own, I was making it growing, but it was stressing my out way too much.

I also putted on a bit of make-up because without....i look just ...meh!
To cut my fringe i used the Claire's fringe cut clip, and my husband trimmer, then i cut it little by little with much attentions. I think it looks good enough.

You can see my hair regrowth, because i cannot bleach them till i'm pregnant, but i somehow like to see it 'cause so i know how long did the grew since December.

As soon as i have a chance to dress pretty i will post day 2.
Cya soon!


  1. Nice challenge. Maybe I will join in :P
    And I think I should definately get this fringe cut clip somewhere, since I sometimes fail in cutting my own fringe. :P

    1. I did lot of mess with my fringe before XD and even with the cut clip isn't so easy but i found the definitive solution with the trimmer lol.

      And, I wish you to join the challenge too, i wanna see the pics! Yay ^^

  2.'estate, magari, vorrei farlo anche io! ...prima però devo finire il "100 happy days" su Twitter, MAGARI. XD

    1. 100?! Wow ^^ farticaccia. Piuttosto ho letto ìl tuo post sull'enchanted, sono tanto contenta che siate andate ed eravate fighissime!! Al prossimo devo riuscire a venire, mi è dispiaciuto tanto non esserci^^