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Thursday, 31 May 2012

The overskirt i bought has arrived

it is arrived 2 days ago but my bf could go to get it just today, cause we were busy with job.
As you know I'm poor and I only buy cheap, do this over-skirt is second-hand (maybe third XD ).

I took 2 shots, but as usual the quality is low :(
This time i used the cam but with auto-shot, i don't know.
I think i'll get a new cam soon or later.

I'm wearing 2 different shoes, not sure which one looks better with that, and i think i want to get white socks.
I would like to wear it this Sunday, but i'll have to walk alot and both those pair of shoes are not comfortable for walking.

Oh yeah this Sunday it is my birthday and my bf, me and a friend of us are going to Genova's aquarium that is the biggest one in Italy, and although they have been there already i never seen it.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Makeup Styles

Last night Ichi, my cat,  didn't let me sleep so today i'm to tired for a real post.
I'll just show some different make up pics.

I don't use to give my makeup a name, so i'll just post em.

For a 50s Style event

No one of those pics are edited.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Chobits - Lucca 2011

Just a couple of pic of my Chii version, from Lucca Comics 2011

Not photoshopped pic

Photoshopped pic

Monday, 28 May 2012

Yet again - No homophobia

The translation is for Italian people, cause those who speak English already know the meaning of this song.

Colpi, colpi sui chiodi della bara, come un respiro esalato, e andato per sempre.
Sembra solo ieri, come ho fatto a non accorgermi dei segnali di pericolo?
Ripenso ai giorni in cui ridevamo e affrontavamo insieme questo vento amaro.
Piangeva costretto sulle sue ginocchia, ma è morto sui suoi piedi.
Quale dio dannerebbe i nostri cuori?
Quale dio ci guiderebbe lontani?
Quale dio potrebbe?
Fallo smettere, metti fine a tutto questo. Diciotto anni spinti sul baratro, si arriva a questo, un passo senza peso, verso il basso, cantando ooohwooohh...
Colpi, colpi sul muro dell'armadietto, nell'ingresso della scuola, la pistola caricata.
Se mi spingi ti spingo di rimando, non chiedo, pretendo.
Da una nazione guidata da Dio, sento il suo amore come uno sprone da bestiame.
Nato libero, ma comunque mi odiano, nato me stesso, non posso cambiare.
Il momento più buio è quello prima dell'alba, quindi rimani sveglio con me, dimostriamo che si sbagliano.
Il freddo fiume lo ha lavato, ma come possiamo dimenticare coloro che si radunano mantenendo le candele, ma non le loro lingue.
Troppo sangue scorre dai polsi dei bambini che si vergognano per chi scelgono di baciare.
Chi si solleverà per fermare il sangue?
Stiamo invocando e stiamo insistendo per un ritmo diverso per una canzone completamente nuova

Tyler Clemente anni 18, Billy Lucas anni 15, Harrison Chase Brown anni 15, Cody J. Barker anni 17, Seth Walsh anni 13.
Fallo smettere, metti fine a tutto questo. Questa vita mi ha scelto, non mi sono smarrito nel peccato, ma resto con orgoglio quello che sono e penso di continuare a vivere.

Tutti quei ragazzi citati, si sono suicidati a causa dell'omofobia e del bullismo.
Tu puoi porre fine a tutto questo, ogni giorno educa chi è intorno a te.

All those guys mentioned committed suicide cause homophobia and bully.
You can stop this educating those around you.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

A walk to the park

My other half and me, went to a survey to find a good spot for our picnic on next sunday.
So we took a relaxing walk into a park we never visited before, also if it is close to hour home.
We went to Besozza Park that is close to Malaspina Lake, in Pioltello.
There are such beautiful homes there, that i fell in love with them, and I'm dreaming to go live there...

We found out, that more then for the picnic it could be cool for Larping, a fantasy one, so i'm gonna share the pics i made with Kymareon, my fantasy larp group.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Circle lens

As i anticipated, my new vampire character is a young girl who thinks to be a kid, and dresses and act as a spoiled dolly kid.
To make myself to look younger it was needed to enlarge my eyes, and i tried with make up, that helps alot but is not enough.
I also need blue eyes for my character, and so i decided to buy those circle lens, that i also needed for my next cosplay.
I received in the last days a mail from a web shop that sells those lens that they had a discount going on from 24 to 31 may (so run to buy something!).
This is their website

I think i bought the cheaper ones. and since they were so cheap i got 2 pair.
So here we have the blue one, for my vampire character

And the violet one for my cosplay character

This is how should they look, as you see the model has blue eyes

But on my brown eyes should look more like this

Total price for 2 pair of circle lens plus 2 free lens case (they give you as a gift one case for each pair) plus expedition was total 25.48 euro.

Now i just have to wait 14 days about. YAY!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Straight edge

Once i met i guy......
But i don't want to start from here.
I'm going to listen a gig....
But i don't want to start from here neither.
Let's first say what Straight edge is.
You can find it on wikipedia of course: here
For the lazy of you i can just say that it is a style of life, or a philosophy of life.
I don't know how they call themsef  or what they say it is living like this.

They don't drink alcohol, don't use drugs, don't smoke cigarttes, don't have casual sex, they are vegetarian (or vegans ).
They use to have lot of tatoos.
That's all i know about them.
And so far it sounds cool doesn't it?
Everybody should be like that, everybody should follow this rules.
Rules? this means i am forced to be like that?
I dont want to be forced to be or to do anything.
I have my own morals, I'm not a Straight edge, but i still think i am a good person.
In my experience they are rigid, harsh.

I met this guy, and before i had the chance to really know anything about him i thought i liked him.
But for the little i managed to know (we have never been close enought to "know" each others) he has never accepted other opinions, he was tasting something, and if he dislike it he used to say "cool so i can annoy him or her about not eating it either".
You think that somebody who follows those principles is a good person.
But he was totally irresponsible and reckless.
He was a bit older then me, with a full time job, living with his mom who provided him with food and fresh clothes.
And he was annoing her, his sister and his nephew about what to eat, how to think and so on.
He used to skip the job, whitout warning anybody, without caring of the trouble he was causing on those who had to cover his shift.
And making fake excuses, while he was parting somewhere else.

So, Straight edge doesn't means being a good person.
I eat meat, i had casual sex in my life, and i used to smoke, even if no more now, i used to be like this.
But i still think i am a better person then the guy once i met.
I do care about my job, i do care about my colleagues, i do care about the people i love, but
i don't force them to be something i want, or to think in my way.
And even if i disagree on things, for example on religions, i don't go around yelling at them, telling them they are worng and stupid or trying to convince the people around me who have faith to quit it.

On june i'm going to listen, a band i love, playing.
This band is Straight edge, the whole of them, just one of them is not vegetarian.
They always sing agaist war, against omophoby, for justice, for animals.
They are very active about this.
Their song really touch me.
I just hope that behind the scene, they are not like that guy once i met.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Photo editing - Let's mock me!

I was trying an outfit for some Larp sessions, and i was without any makeup, and i sux without makeup, in pics.
So after taking the shoot i wanted to do something for that ugly face, and i ended up editing the whole pic.
I had fun doing it so i wanted to show you the result, even if i have to show my ugly face without makeup.

In the "After" pic i changed my face, put on some makeup, and i skinned a bit my body and made my bra a little bigger, i also removed the red staff.

...hmm wow i look so hot...

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Today, I do cook! Pink Risotto with strawberries

I let my bf go to buy food all alone, cause i was still to the job.
And he came back with 15 euro of fruits.
Bananas 4kg
Cherries 2kg
Strawberries 2kg,
So what to do with all this fruits?!
He is making a shake or 2 per day.
And i decided to cook today, for lunch time, because he had is Saturday shift.
I tried for the second time to prepare strawberries risotto.
Here we go!

For 2 people who likes to eat:

Strawberries 500g
Butter 30g
Rice 9 handful (my hands are little)
Cream 1 pack (the one for cooking not the one for sweets ) - there is a version without cream
Chicken broth
White wine

Cut the strawberries and put the biggest part in the mixer.
Save the rest to put some in the rice while cooking it and for the final decoration.

Prepare a little pot of chicken broth.
Cut some onion and put it in the pan with some oil and let to brown, then add the rice and let it to roast a bit.
Add a very little bit of wine.

Start adding the broth and never let the rice to dry.
Blend the strawberries with the cream until it became pink.

When the rice start to grow start to add the strawberries pieces, kip it wet with the broth, then when the broth is almost over, add little by little the strawberries shake, mixing it.
At the very end add the butter.

To be sure the rice is ready just taste it.
Put the rice in the plates, place a little of the shake that is left on the top and add some strawberries to decorate it
do not use salt with the rice cause the broth has already enough salt.

It's ready

New vampire character

On june the second, we are starting to go to a new vampire chronicle.
This is a long lasting chronicle and i hope we, me and my friends, can find our home.
So it was time for me to think to a new story and to create a new character.
I needed a character that could use the things i already have, cause i don't have money to spend (we just payed 2 fines cause we entered a zone close to cars, on our last vacation (grrrrrr).
I wanted so much to use my gothic lolita (KURO?) dress, it is a jsk with a blouse.
I bought it about 3 years ago in Brescia (i should go check if the shop is still open).
And i really wanted to use the wig i bought for my Chobits cosplay for last Lucca Comics convention.
So this is how it is

I'm also wearing the cameo i bought to my last raid to Chinatown and i think i'm going to use the hairband aswell.
But since, i hope, is going to be warm on june, probably i'll use a blouse with short sleeves.
What you can't see from this pic, is that the wing is very long, it arrives to my bum, i love it (the wig not my bum!).
I'm really sorry for the pic quality, i'm still put of battery and using the smartphone, plus i had not make up so i used a bit of photoshop on my face to cover the little spot and the shadow under the eyes.
Please forgive me! (i'm too ugly withotu make up, not Photogenic at all!)
I'm really looking foward for june!                                                                                                                                                       
Maybe you want to know something about this character story:
She was born in 1942 in Oslo, and is a kid from the Lebensborn program (google it).
She first went to an orphanage and then to a mental hospital, then her Sire (so is called the one who makes you a vampire) found her and took her wit him.
She is crazy as it was her Sire (in fact they are Malkavian as a vampire clan).
She is about 17 years old, but she thinks to be younger and act like a spoiled kid.
My background is build together a friend of mine and my bf so that we know each others already when we start playing.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Cupcake pics

Unfortunately I've been sick this morning and i couldn't attend to the loli-lunch.
I was waiting for it so much.... sad.
Now all this cupcake will be eaten by my bf and me and i'll take some to the office or i will became a fatty fat in 2 days.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Baking in progress

I managed to bake all the cupcake, my bf also helped me alot with decoration because the butter cream was too liquid.
We lost 4 of them cause they were like twisted or too hard, but is okay cause we ate them right away ;)
So now there are 16 cupcake in my fridge waiting for sunday loli-lunch.

I can show you just one for now :P

The other pics will arrive tomorrow.

Friday, 11 May 2012

The incoming weekend

This is going to be another very busy weekend, sigh.
It all start today (or in this case it never ended since monday?), i'm going to supermarket to find food colouring for my cupcake, then back to home to bake them.
Saturday morning i have to work till 1pm, after job i go with a friend to a shop at about 30mins of train from here, if she isn't busy for the evening, we are going to eat sushi together for dinner, elswere i'll go home for a second round of bakering and/or sewing (i'm working on a gilet for my bf, i'll post some pics later).
Sunday morning i have to go at the loli-lunch ( <3 ), and the evening i'm going with bf to a pub opening where i hope to dress in PIN UP style (i hope to dress because i don't really have pin up style clothes so i'll try my best with what i have).
And beside all of this i would like to sleep, have a shower or two, set my hair in a way that would work fine with Lolita and Pin Up.
..Oh! and very improtant i need time to play with the cat! Or he is going to moan the whole time!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


After job i use to go to the gym, 2 or 3 times per week.
Since i went to the gym Monday and Tuesday, today i call it a break and went to shopping instead!
My destination was OVS industry Outlet.
That is in the middle of chinatown.
Ant there are my purchase

A cardigan 15 euro, a pair of socks 4.60 euro  and a bracelet 5.90 euro
There some details

The socks have roses and little hearts, very cute

I went to OVS looking for a dress, i'm sure i saw it there last time, but it was one months ago, i was just hoping to find it again, but i didn't find it.
I'll try again next month.
After OVS, i went to roam for chinatown to buy cute and useless things ^^

Like this pencil case i will use to store some of my makup since i'm running out of space, and the tweezer 2.50 euro

 Then i also found this cameo brooch, 6 euro, that i was searching for my vampire character, and the hairband, 4 euro, just 'cause i liked it and thought i could find a way to use it.


Oh yeah i forgot but i also bought a pair of lace tights , 5 euro.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I found something very cute at the chinese shop close to my flat.
I couldn't resist
I bought it

The box, not the cat ehehe!
The cat is already mine, say hello, Ichi!
Btw i'm going to use the box for sewing things

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Switness with microwave

Since we moved in this home, the oven never worked.
We waiting from long time the landlord to change it, but he always promise, but it never happens.
So i have to do what i can with my microwave.

Sorry, pics are not that good, i just used my smartphone.
This was just an experiment and i couldn't make the butter cream to decorate cause i was out of eggs.
I'll do next time!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A dress is not enough

In Italy we use to say "l'abito non fa il monaco" literally it means the dress won't make you a monk(priest).
What i mean is, to wear a cute dress won't make you cute, if you don't take care of your self on every side.
I could start talking about fat, but i don't want to take fat as something that make you ugly no matter what.
But we also have to consider the health part of it.
Fat is not healthy, most of the time you are hurting your self eating unhealthy, not doing any exercise and so on.
So the focal point is taking good care of yourself.
I've see, anyway, many girl not skinny, but hot, cute and well dressed.

Another important point is the hair.
It doesn't matter what color your hair are, but if you have a regrow then dye them again, clean them, brush em, don't let them wild like you were a stone age woman.

The skin.
I don't think that putting everyday a strong make-up is good for your skin.
It's another thing that must be clean.
Wash your face with a proper soap good for your skin, do the scrub, and weekly a beauty mask to clean pores and also a mud musk.
If you still have ton of spots then probably it may be something you eating, of course you know chocolate is bad for skin, and also salami and fried food.
Yeah, oh my god, everything is bad! Can't eat anything good!
NO! You don't have to give up on everything, but there is a difference between eating them sometimes and gorge yourself everyday every moment.
Healthy food is also good for hair.
About make-up, I use make-uo when i go out with friends, but i don't use any make-up, but eyeline, when i go to job, so i let my skin to breath.
And if you think to take a pic then yes, put on make-up it helps.

And Least but not last, never smell bad! WTF take a shower, is so hard?!

To summint all of this:
Eat healty, do exercise, and be clean.


Some pics from Vampire Larp session - 28/04/2012