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Wednesday, 9 May 2012


After job i use to go to the gym, 2 or 3 times per week.
Since i went to the gym Monday and Tuesday, today i call it a break and went to shopping instead!
My destination was OVS industry Outlet.
That is in the middle of chinatown.
Ant there are my purchase

A cardigan 15 euro, a pair of socks 4.60 euro  and a bracelet 5.90 euro
There some details

The socks have roses and little hearts, very cute

I went to OVS looking for a dress, i'm sure i saw it there last time, but it was one months ago, i was just hoping to find it again, but i didn't find it.
I'll try again next month.
After OVS, i went to roam for chinatown to buy cute and useless things ^^

Like this pencil case i will use to store some of my makup since i'm running out of space, and the tweezer 2.50 euro

 Then i also found this cameo brooch, 6 euro, that i was searching for my vampire character, and the hairband, 4 euro, just 'cause i liked it and thought i could find a way to use it.


Oh yeah i forgot but i also bought a pair of lace tights , 5 euro.

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