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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Straight edge

Once i met i guy......
But i don't want to start from here.
I'm going to listen a gig....
But i don't want to start from here neither.
Let's first say what Straight edge is.
You can find it on wikipedia of course: here
For the lazy of you i can just say that it is a style of life, or a philosophy of life.
I don't know how they call themsef  or what they say it is living like this.

They don't drink alcohol, don't use drugs, don't smoke cigarttes, don't have casual sex, they are vegetarian (or vegans ).
They use to have lot of tatoos.
That's all i know about them.
And so far it sounds cool doesn't it?
Everybody should be like that, everybody should follow this rules.
Rules? this means i am forced to be like that?
I dont want to be forced to be or to do anything.
I have my own morals, I'm not a Straight edge, but i still think i am a good person.
In my experience they are rigid, harsh.

I met this guy, and before i had the chance to really know anything about him i thought i liked him.
But for the little i managed to know (we have never been close enought to "know" each others) he has never accepted other opinions, he was tasting something, and if he dislike it he used to say "cool so i can annoy him or her about not eating it either".
You think that somebody who follows those principles is a good person.
But he was totally irresponsible and reckless.
He was a bit older then me, with a full time job, living with his mom who provided him with food and fresh clothes.
And he was annoing her, his sister and his nephew about what to eat, how to think and so on.
He used to skip the job, whitout warning anybody, without caring of the trouble he was causing on those who had to cover his shift.
And making fake excuses, while he was parting somewhere else.

So, Straight edge doesn't means being a good person.
I eat meat, i had casual sex in my life, and i used to smoke, even if no more now, i used to be like this.
But i still think i am a better person then the guy once i met.
I do care about my job, i do care about my colleagues, i do care about the people i love, but
i don't force them to be something i want, or to think in my way.
And even if i disagree on things, for example on religions, i don't go around yelling at them, telling them they are worng and stupid or trying to convince the people around me who have faith to quit it.

On june i'm going to listen, a band i love, playing.
This band is Straight edge, the whole of them, just one of them is not vegetarian.
They always sing agaist war, against omophoby, for justice, for animals.
They are very active about this.
Their song really touch me.
I just hope that behind the scene, they are not like that guy once i met.

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