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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Circle lens

As i anticipated, my new vampire character is a young girl who thinks to be a kid, and dresses and act as a spoiled dolly kid.
To make myself to look younger it was needed to enlarge my eyes, and i tried with make up, that helps alot but is not enough.
I also need blue eyes for my character, and so i decided to buy those circle lens, that i also needed for my next cosplay.
I received in the last days a mail from a web shop that sells those lens that they had a discount going on from 24 to 31 may (so run to buy something!).
This is their website

I think i bought the cheaper ones. and since they were so cheap i got 2 pair.
So here we have the blue one, for my vampire character

And the violet one for my cosplay character

This is how should they look, as you see the model has blue eyes

But on my brown eyes should look more like this

Total price for 2 pair of circle lens plus 2 free lens case (they give you as a gift one case for each pair) plus expedition was total 25.48 euro.

Now i just have to wait 14 days about. YAY!

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