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Thursday, 31 May 2012

The overskirt i bought has arrived

it is arrived 2 days ago but my bf could go to get it just today, cause we were busy with job.
As you know I'm poor and I only buy cheap, do this over-skirt is second-hand (maybe third XD ).

I took 2 shots, but as usual the quality is low :(
This time i used the cam but with auto-shot, i don't know.
I think i'll get a new cam soon or later.

I'm wearing 2 different shoes, not sure which one looks better with that, and i think i want to get white socks.
I would like to wear it this Sunday, but i'll have to walk alot and both those pair of shoes are not comfortable for walking.

Oh yeah this Sunday it is my birthday and my bf, me and a friend of us are going to Genova's aquarium that is the biggest one in Italy, and although they have been there already i never seen it.

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