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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Today, I do cook! Pink Risotto with strawberries

I let my bf go to buy food all alone, cause i was still to the job.
And he came back with 15 euro of fruits.
Bananas 4kg
Cherries 2kg
Strawberries 2kg,
So what to do with all this fruits?!
He is making a shake or 2 per day.
And i decided to cook today, for lunch time, because he had is Saturday shift.
I tried for the second time to prepare strawberries risotto.
Here we go!

For 2 people who likes to eat:

Strawberries 500g
Butter 30g
Rice 9 handful (my hands are little)
Cream 1 pack (the one for cooking not the one for sweets ) - there is a version without cream
Chicken broth
White wine

Cut the strawberries and put the biggest part in the mixer.
Save the rest to put some in the rice while cooking it and for the final decoration.

Prepare a little pot of chicken broth.
Cut some onion and put it in the pan with some oil and let to brown, then add the rice and let it to roast a bit.
Add a very little bit of wine.

Start adding the broth and never let the rice to dry.
Blend the strawberries with the cream until it became pink.

When the rice start to grow start to add the strawberries pieces, kip it wet with the broth, then when the broth is almost over, add little by little the strawberries shake, mixing it.
At the very end add the butter.

To be sure the rice is ready just taste it.
Put the rice in the plates, place a little of the shake that is left on the top and add some strawberries to decorate it
do not use salt with the rice cause the broth has already enough salt.

It's ready


  1. Buonissimo! Devo provare a farlo! ^_^

    1. A te, che sarai certamente una cuoca migliore di me (io faccio pena infatti non cucino mai!) verrĂ  buonissimo! <3

  2. Ma che dici...sai cucinare bene anche te, basta guardare le foto per capirlo! ^_^