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Friday, 11 May 2012

The incoming weekend

This is going to be another very busy weekend, sigh.
It all start today (or in this case it never ended since monday?), i'm going to supermarket to find food colouring for my cupcake, then back to home to bake them.
Saturday morning i have to work till 1pm, after job i go with a friend to a shop at about 30mins of train from here, if she isn't busy for the evening, we are going to eat sushi together for dinner, elswere i'll go home for a second round of bakering and/or sewing (i'm working on a gilet for my bf, i'll post some pics later).
Sunday morning i have to go at the loli-lunch ( <3 ), and the evening i'm going with bf to a pub opening where i hope to dress in PIN UP style (i hope to dress because i don't really have pin up style clothes so i'll try my best with what i have).
And beside all of this i would like to sleep, have a shower or two, set my hair in a way that would work fine with Lolita and Pin Up.
..Oh! and very improtant i need time to play with the cat! Or he is going to moan the whole time!

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