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Saturday, 19 May 2012

New vampire character

On june the second, we are starting to go to a new vampire chronicle.
This is a long lasting chronicle and i hope we, me and my friends, can find our home.
So it was time for me to think to a new story and to create a new character.
I needed a character that could use the things i already have, cause i don't have money to spend (we just payed 2 fines cause we entered a zone close to cars, on our last vacation (grrrrrr).
I wanted so much to use my gothic lolita (KURO?) dress, it is a jsk with a blouse.
I bought it about 3 years ago in Brescia (i should go check if the shop is still open).
And i really wanted to use the wig i bought for my Chobits cosplay for last Lucca Comics convention.
So this is how it is

I'm also wearing the cameo i bought to my last raid to Chinatown and i think i'm going to use the hairband aswell.
But since, i hope, is going to be warm on june, probably i'll use a blouse with short sleeves.
What you can't see from this pic, is that the wing is very long, it arrives to my bum, i love it (the wig not my bum!).
I'm really sorry for the pic quality, i'm still put of battery and using the smartphone, plus i had not make up so i used a bit of photoshop on my face to cover the little spot and the shadow under the eyes.
Please forgive me! (i'm too ugly withotu make up, not Photogenic at all!)
I'm really looking foward for june!                                                                                                                                                       
Maybe you want to know something about this character story:
She was born in 1942 in Oslo, and is a kid from the Lebensborn program (google it).
She first went to an orphanage and then to a mental hospital, then her Sire (so is called the one who makes you a vampire) found her and took her wit him.
She is crazy as it was her Sire (in fact they are Malkavian as a vampire clan).
She is about 17 years old, but she thinks to be younger and act like a spoiled kid.
My background is build together a friend of mine and my bf so that we know each others already when we start playing.

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