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Friday, 1 June 2012

What would you chose?

I have a problem with shoes.
I love heels. i love cute shoes, i love them all feet doesnt.
My feet hurt if i use anything but running shoes.
They hurt if i use converse, expecially my back hurts if i walk too much with those.
And i get blisters if i use pump, especially without any kind of socks, and my back hurts too if i walk in pump for too long.
No way i can walk more then 5 meters with heels.
It is too hot for boots....

So ...what shoes could i use to be cute and dont feel pain?!
I'm going to the aquarium this sunday and we will watl.
And i will be in the U.K. for my vacation and we will walk alot there too....
So help me chose some shoes!

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