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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Lolita to the museum

This Saturday I met with some other lolita of the community who lives in my same city.
We first went to a japan restaurant and after that we went to visit the Leonardo Museum, it is a science and technique museum.
There were old trains and boats ( a complete one!), a submarine, and airplanes, it was very nice.
I was very happy to visit the museum 'cause in the city were i was born and i grew up i've been at the museums many times, but i never saw this one here in Milan.
Here some pics to share with you :)

And if you don't know who i am.
I'm the small one with black air and black dress.


  1. eravate tutte bellissime! mi dispiace tanto non essere venuta :(

    1. Anche a me è dispiaciuto molto tu non ci fossi :( Ma ci rifacciamo alla prossima. Si parlava di lunapark :D