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Monday, 12 May 2014

Five days to Vienna (photos heavy)

We had a little vacation at the beginning of May, because I'm not going to be very active in the incoming months since the belly is getting heavy.

Usually we like to walk a lot and see as many things we can, but my condition didn't allowed us to be as usual, but we did try our best!

For sure I could not waste a chance to see Sissi Palace, Shonbrunn, and the HUGE queue to get the ticket to go see the inside.

Many friends told us the inside doesn't worth it 'cause is not the original one from Sissi time, so we decided to not do the 2 (and more) hours queue under the hot sun (it was a very hot day).
Instead we went for the garden and the zoo.

And of course I wanted to eat the original sachertorte at the Sacher Hotel, what a wonderful and elegant place!

The cafe is placed on the side of the Hotel and there is usually a queue to enter, we had to wait about 10 minutes, but we did stay inside 40 minutes about, enjoying the experience.


I took original sachertorte with whipped cream 

And  original sacher mishung tea

So delicious!

During the week we also visited the Secession palace where is placed the Beethoven Frieze by Gustav Klimt, my favourite artist.
The Leopold Museum where i mainly went to see Egon Schiele (Klimt pupil) and Klimt.
We didn't manage to go to the Belvedere where is the main Klimt collection, because I was always very tired and it was not so easy to get to.

On Sunday we went to the Prater, a park with a big part of green and a lunapark, where is the Vienna Ferris wheel

Of course, we went for a ride 

After all the walking and a wiener schnitzel...

My husband, my belly and myself went for a ride on the train into the green side of the park

Thanks for reading! <3


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    1. Vienna è davvero una città bellissima, ovunque ti giri a guardare :D