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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Etude Silk Scarf Review

Etude is a Korean brand of beauty product.
Lately they opened the store for occidental customer too.
You can find the online store here

I ordered mine on ebay cause the online shop wasn't opened yet.
There are many silk scarf product, the one i used is the hair treatment

Lets say that this is not a cure for your hair, so is not something that is going to invigorate or rebuild your hair.
When you wash your hair without using it, they willbe your usual  hair.
But when you use the silk scarf, you can actually feel the difference.
They are soft, easy to comb and look very beautiful.
I use it just for special event and i must say I really love it.

So would I recommend it?
Absolutely yes


  1. I seriously seriously want to try this.
    I am new to etude products but have been dying to try this one.
    Thanks for the awesome review,

    Stay cute missy!
    Scarlett Juzzle - Blogger at Pastel Dreams And Rainbow Skies.