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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Innocent World Happy Pack 2014

I think has been out for about 2 weeks.
I noticed it at the beginning of last week, around June the 17th, and i was very excited.

But the website was not working, I could get to the HP page only via a web search but not from the IW website, cause the online shop was not working.
I contacted my shopping service right away, so that they could start working on the order, But I had to wait until the website started working again.
IW was updating it, now is quite different.
Size S and L were already sold out, luckly i usually wear size M (i hope it will still be the same after childbirth)
And I finally managed to get my order done!
So now I'm waiting for it, it will be send at the beginning of July, so prolly I'll have it at the end of August or September.

This is an example of what you can find inside

It is all sold out now.
No clue if IW will release any other LP or HP

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