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Sunday, 8 September 2013

LBC: A piece you haven't worn in a long time, and why you're holding onto it

I know! Has been long time since my last LBC post.
I want to apology, i keep following the other blogs and the group, but i've been so busy with other things, it was hard to find time to post on blog, and sometime I just had no idea what to write about that specific topic.

But when i read the topic for this friday and started to think about it, the idea came into my mind and i wanted to post, but as usual i had no time to do it, thats wny i'm so late.

I was thinking to a dress i was not wearing since long, and at the beginning i thought to the dresses i use to wear in winter, but then I said to myself there were dresses i had never wear yet!
And the one i chose, is the first brand one i got.
Yeah! I bought it and never ever wear it.
Because i was waiting the right moment, silly me!.

I bought it second hand from the italian community forum, and I was very excited being it my first brand piece.
The dress I'm talking about is Fairy Pring JSk by BTSSB

A very old jsk from 2003, but still lovely!

Thinking about that dress i told my self why i was still waiting to wear it.
For a special moment?
Every moment can be special if i want to make it so!
Tehn, i decided to wear it on saturday to go to friend place for having dinner together with other friends too.

I know, no blouse, no socks or tights, but it is still really HOT here.

This is the brooch i found on the ribbon in my Vip bag to frock on....actually i found a white cat but i switched it with a friend of mine who got this one, because it looks like my cat Ichi :)

For the dinner somebody prepared the appetizer, somebody the pasta, somebody else got us the wine, and I made those pancake.

We had lot of fun as usual!

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  1. Ciao, ho appena pubblicato un post un po' polemico sul concetto di magro=bello
    Mi piacerebbe avere la tua opinione in merito:
    Di grazia qui ce n’é veramente poca

  2. Replies
    1. Grazie!! Mi sono tirata fin troppo x una cena cialtrona da Abi, con anche Kat, Laura e i ns maschietti XD ma avevo proprio deciso che era arrivato il momento di metterlo!

  3. This piece is so lovely! I would love to wear it every weekend ^_^