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Friday, 18 January 2013

LBC: If i had a lolita themed cafe

I'm so sorry i did not take part to the last LBC topics, but i just wasn't in the mood.
But let's just go ahead.

This new topic seems really nice!
So i went on the sims and build my cafe!

I would just call it Sidhe's probably, or something similar.

It would have a classic style, and i would build the ambient to give a sense of peace and elegance.

Of course people who works there should be dressed in lolita, victorian or steampunk style, i would try to talk tho everybody and make the work nice and fair for everybody.

I would serve cakes, sweets, cookies, pies, and so on, but i would also give the opportunity to eat healty, with fresh fruit, vegetables, fresh fish, but all served in a way that looks pretty, so would be a pleasure to eat that too.
There would be tea and coffee, but also soft drink and cocktails.
Free wi-fi, books to read and games to play!


  1. Oh my goodness! I love that you used The Sims to design your cafe. So cute, by the way ^_^

    1. Thank you ahaha ^^
      I spend lot of time on the sims making home so it was first idea that came in my mind when i did read the topic!

  2. I love it! That was a smart idea to uses The Sims for this. Yay for another Sims player :D

    1. Sims lover! <3
      I played them all: sism1, sims2 and now sims3, but it is so hard to get all the expantions!
      Anyway I never get tired of this game :D

  3. So cute! Like everyone else has said, it was very clever to design your cafe on Sims!