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Saturday, 5 January 2013


Hi everybody!
I'm sorry about my absence..but life is...complicate..lately.
And even if i'm doing many things and seeing lot of people, i'm not in the mood to take pics and write posts.
It's already hard to enjoy those moment trying to forget the troubles.

Anyway, today i met some local lolitas and the admin of our community forum who was living here but moved in another town, not sure how log ago.
We went to a japanese restaurant, there were also our bfs, and after, we went to have a walk around the city.
Until we stop to a very cute pastry shop/tea room, to check if it was a right place to organize a meeting.
And it is veeery nice, and they do very tasty pastry, cookies, cake cupcakes and lot of teas, but unluckly it is too small.

But we could enjoy the sweetes and the tea!

And we spoke about the next events organization.

That's all for now, i hope to have soon good news and to get back in a good mood so i can start enjoying things and post about that.


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