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Monday, 21 January 2013

Review: Surface Spell JSK

It finally arrived.
I can't believe it took more then 2 months.
I ordered it on november the 9th, and it just arrived on january the 17th.

I used Loli-loli Paradise as shopping service for the second time and i can just confirm her professionality, she always reply to my messages and gives me news about the status.
And no customs duties.

Perfect package, and when i did open it a little box fell off.

Inside this box i found 2 presents, a neckalce and a choker

I don't know if they came from Surface Spell (to apologize for the long time waiting) or from Loli-loli Paradise, but i really appreciate it.
I need accessories for my outfits.
Back to the JSK.

It is really pretty, BUT.... the bow on the shoulder and on the down end of the dress are heavy, they seems made of plastic, so i will change them with some bow made of satin.
The waist is a bit too hight and so the dress feels like being a little too short.
But in the complex it fits me good and looks pretty, the velvet is good too.
And i also found this with the dress

to conclude, for all the time i had to wait i deduct a point.
For the heavy bows and so and so measures i deduct another point.
But i add half point for the presents

so in the end it is

I'm gonna try again to buy something from Surface Spell 'causa i really like their dresses, i hope it will go better next time and they will be faster!


  1. Oooh..the dress looks really nice and the necklaces too! :D

    It's usually a problem with asian clothing, that the waist is a bit high, but usually it still looks very cute. ^^

    I've been trying to avoid going to taobao, been wanting to browse a bit, but I'm sure I'll find so many great items, that I can't help myself from not ordering! :P I'm trying to pay off my credit card completely before buying much anything new.

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. Yeah...i just do an order a month and i never spend more then what i get from salary, just we have a double salary on december(and june) and it helps alot.
      Luckly i have something saved to pay the wedding, but is gonna be a simple (cheap) one. AHAHAH ^^