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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

10 things about me

Waiting for the pics of the last vampire larp....has passed a month and all i got are 2 pics of me and other 5 random pics out of i'm not really sotisfied nor i got what i need to make a little post about the live, but i guess i will do it anyway this evening if i get time.
This saturday we have another Vampire larp session and this time i'm gonna get pic by myself :)
The official photgrapher got a very cool cam and all the equip is not his job so he get very lazy to publish them cause he got other things to do, and i can understand it.
But i need the pics :)

Moving over...
I wonder if there is anything you want to know about me, now i got to (WOW) 25 followers (thank you!!) this is first blog i own after long long time and my old blogs were in italian (except one about an online game).
So..since i don't know if there is anything you wondering about me...i'll just reply to random, and probably totally uselsess, quests tha just pop in my mind! YAY!

1.When was last time you drunk coke?
I don't remember at all because i stop drinking coke since about 1 year, i think i tasted some coke from my bf couple of weeks ago.

2.What is your shoes number?
Thats depends from shoes.
Converse is 37, pupms and heels 35/36, boots 37.

3.How tall are you?
I'm not tall...i'm short! i'm 152cm short.

4. Apple or Android?
Android forever <3

5.How many pc do you own?
I own 1 desktop that is mine, 1 desktop i gave to my bf when we moved together, 1 desktop so old is hiding behind a door and needs a new power supply, and 1 laptop.
My bf also own a netbook so my home is full of pc.

6.What is your natural hair color?
.....I don't know anymore :(
I did always dye my hair since i was teenager and i thought i was dark brown almost black, this is why i did dye blak in the last years, but when i saw roots last week it did seem light brown...(or it was just cause white hair?! OMG!)

7.Do you have brothers or sisters?
I have a big brother he is married and has a sweet little baby who has my father name.

8.What are you going to do for Christmas?
I'm going to my family place, because i live 700km away and i only see them twice a year

9.And for new year?
I don't know yet O_O

10.Your favourite color?

I think 10 is enough !
Wow such an useless post ahahah!

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